Perioperative Services

Perioperative In-Services


October 31st: Isolation Precaution for Periop Areas- Vicki Brinsko  Click here

November 6th: Workplace Violence Updates- Tina Tomes Click here

November 18th: Turnover Initiatives- Cindy Kildgore Video: Click here  PowerPoint: Click here

November 20th: Tennessee Donor Services- Jaimee Lockwood Click here


January 6th: Glove conversion to Latex Free- Jeanine Nestor Click here

April 27th: Considerations for Transgender Patient & Families- Jesse M. Ehrenfeld Click here

May 25th: Isolation Blood Wastage & Red Bags- Leslie Yatteau Click here

June 17th:  Transplant ABO OR verification education update Click here

July 6th:  Waste Issues- Susan Johnson Click here

July 8th:  Surgical Tech Ladder- Jennefer Payne Click here

July 22nd:  When Seconds Count- Mike Leersnyder Click here

August 19th:  Patient Handling - Mamie Williams Click here

August 24th:  CMS Survey/ ABO Verification Click here

September 2nd:  Transport Trays/ Wrappers Gina Langley Click here

October 7th:  Improved Surgical Outcomes Through Advanced Access & Visualization Beth Long Leidner Click here

October 18th:  Instrument Issues Linda Sheridan Click here

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