Procedural Nursing at Vanderbilt









Five Pillars

  • Service
  • Quality
  • People
  • Financial
  • Growth


Nine Principles


1.       Commitment to Excellence


We are committed to creating an environment that is a great place for staff to work, a great place for our physicians to practice medicine and a place that our patients and family receive the highest quality of care.


2.       Measure the Important Things


We will be focusing on objectively assessing our current status as well as our progress.  We will set focused goals and define targets and monitor our progress.


3.       Building the Culture around Service


Systems and tools will be “hard-wired” that focus on service:  service to you, our employees, to our physicians and to our patients.  For example, these are things like leadership rounding, service recovery and standards of performance.


4.       Create and Develop Leaders


We will be focusing on how to identify current and future leaders and how to develop, train and equip them.


5.       Employee Satisfaction


Every employee is critical to our success.  We know that each of you wants to believe that this organization has the right purpose, that your job is worthwhile and that you make a difference.  This principle focuses on how we as an organization can impact employee satisfaction.


6.       Build Individual Accountability


This principle is about building a sense of employee ownership and alignment with our goals in achieving excellence in employee, physician and patient satisfaction.


7.       Align Behaviors with Goals and Values


This is about creating and implementing objective, measurable evaluation systems.


8.       Communicate at all Levels


Making sure that all of us understand what is important, what is expected and how we can contribute to the accomplishment of our goals.


9.       Recognize and Reward Success


This is about placing our values into action.  We want to celebrate individual/team achievements to recognize and reward staff that help us achieve our goal.

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