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Tips from the IV Team

  • Taking BP's above patent IV sites contributes to occlusion.
  • Having labels, bags, and requisitionsat the nurse server for the IV Team when labs are requested speeds up response time of the IV Team. (Best Practice Units are 8N and 8S)
  • Full sharps boxes are a danger for all personnel.
  • The IV Team consists of only 1 or 2 nurses on duty at a time.Repeated paging just slows down response time.
  • When you page the IV team, please give your request to whomever will answer the phone. Calls are returned when the nurse is not in the middle of a stick.
  • If you page "911" or tell the IVTeam that the situation is a "STAT", the call is subject to a review. The team works on a priority system.
  • Be conservative of resources - If you call for a patient need, and then are able to fulfill the need yourself or with expertise available on your unit - GREAT! Please notify the IV Team to cancel the request.
  • Lab draws are important to IV Team members but prioritized lower than IV starts.
  • Use Credo Behaviors - having the MD to call to chastise the IV Team for a late lab draw is not who we are.
  • When patients are receiving Phenergan IVP, it is very irritating to their veins. This poses a real problem with a lot of difficult IV restarts. Try adding the Phenergan to a 50cc NS bag and drip this into the vein. It is less irritating to the vein and saves the patient from more frequent restarts.
  • Remember, tubing, extension sets or saline flushes, that are uncapped and lying around, not connected to the patient, is considered contaminated. Please, red cap the IV tubing when disconnecting it from the patient. We would rather change out tubing than risk using contaminated materials on an IV line.

-SAVE stands for:

S Scrupulous hand hygiene
A Aseptic technique during catheter insertion and care
V Vigorous friction to catheter hub prior to entry
E Ensuring patency of the device

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