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Definition: A group decision-making technique designed to generate a large number of creative ideas through an interactive process.

Purpose: To generate alternative ideas to be considered in making decisions.


  • Make sure that all team members fully understand the objective of the brainstorming session.
  • Encourage active participation of all members.
  • Develop a high energy, enthusiastic climate.
  • Avoid discussing ideas as they are presented, including criticizing and complimenting.
  • Encourage creative thinking, including far-out ideas.
  • Build and expand on the ideas of others.
  • Record all ideas exactly as presented on a flipchart, possibly using two recorders.
  • Avoid stopping when the ideas slow down. Rather, try to generate as long a list as possible.

How to conduct a brainstorming session:

  • Review the steps for brainstorming.
  • Clarify the objective of the brainstorming session.
  • Members take turns shouting out ideas.
  • Each idea is recorded exactly as presented on a flipchart.
  • Members pass when an idea does not come to mind quickly.
  • After all ideas have been presented, the team clarifies the list by discussing the ideas to assure that all members have the same understanding of each idea. Duplications are also eliminated in this step

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