The Department of Radiology & Radiological Sciences


The neuroradiologists at Vanderbilt perform state-of-the-art neuroradiology. Vanderbilt is equipped with the very best imaging equipment, including two 3.0 Tesla MR scanners, three 1.5 Tesla MR scanners, five multi-detector CT scanners, PET and bi-plane digital angiography. The section supports large, busy neurology, neurosurgery, and ENT practices and all departments that have need of sophisticated neuro imaging.
The Section of Neuroradiology is staffed by eight board-certified neuroradiologists, with interests which include pediatric neuroradiology, neurodegerative diseases, head and neck imaging, and brain and spine tumors. Neuroradiologists perform procedures including angiograms, epidural steroid injections, myelograms, selective nerve blocks, lumbar punctures, blood patches, and facet injections.
Neuroradiology research at Vanderbilt includes projects in schizophrenia, PET imaging, tumor imaging, and Parkinson's Disease. Imaging and research is supported by a strong radiological sciences division that includes over 30 Ph.D. trained scientists who support clinical investigation, teach radiological physics and engineering, and participate directly in quality assurance.

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