The Department of Radiology & Radiological Sciences

    1979 Nobel Laureate
    (1919 - 2004) 

    The very first ct scanner prototype invented by Hounsfield at EMI. This picture was taken at the UKRC 2005 exhibition in Manchester G-MEX centre.
    An original sketch from Hounsfield's notebook. This picture was taken at the UKRC 2005 exhibition, Manchester G-Mex centre.

    The Hounsfield scale is a quantitative measure of radiodensity used in evaluating CT scans. The scale is defined in Hounsfield units (symbol HU), running from air at -1000 HU, through water at 0 HU, and up to bone at +1000 HU.

    Section Chief, Radiologic Research
    Professor, Radiology and Radiological Sciences 

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