The Department of Radiology & Radiological Sciences


The appointment of a Named Chair honors a gifted professor of radiology and radiological science who serves Vanderbilt and the profession with distinction. The founding of a named chair is an honor and fitting tribute to the numerous and varied accomplishments to the individual by which the position is being honored. For physicians and researchers in academic medicine, an appointment to a Named Chair marks the pinnacle of an illustrious career.

The establishment of a Named Chair enhances the department’s many programs through the appointment of an internationally respected radiologist to the chair title. The presence of this eminent faculty member in the department has a profound secondary effect as other outstanding faculty, trainees and students, eager to work with the best, are attracted to Vanderbilt.
Named chairs are a tremendously valuable asset to any academic department due to their role in the recruitment of internationally renowned faculty members. Named Chairs also are a vital tool for attracting, retaining and rewarding the very best medical professionals, helping to ensure Cleveland Clinic's future as a healthcare leader.
Established through a philanthropic commitment, the financial support provided by an endowed chair also provides the named professor income for chair holders to expand the scope of their work to advance innovative research, enhance educational programs and promote collaboration between clinical areas.
Endowed chairs are among the most valuable and timeless assets of the University. Vanderbilt's Named Chairs are highly coveted positions and awarded only to the most talented, experienced and accomplished physicians and researchers.
The distinction of a faculty member holding an endowed chair reflects the institutions highest recognition of a faculty members contribution to, not only the institution, but also to their field of study.

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