Rehabilitation Services


Vanderbilt University Medical Center has built a strong reputation as a leader in medical education, research, and patient care throughout the Southeast and the nation over the course of its 127-year history. At its heart Vanderbilt University Medical Center is driven by discovery and the immediate incorporation of new knowledge into innovation in patient care and education.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is a twin-towered, 658 bed structure and is supported by the most up-to-date systems and technology. Designed to provide each patient with an outside view, each floor of the towers holds a nursing core so that no room is far from the nursing station. A philosophy of patient-centered care insures continuity in the patient care.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, supported by respected, research-based medical and nursing schools, delivers both routine inpatient care and highly specialized medical treatment and surgical procedures. The hospital is also home to the region's only Level I Trauma Center.

Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Services serves the VUMC with over 50 inpatient OT and PT practitioners. As a Level I trauma center and verified regional burn center, Vanderbilt University Medical Center meets the needs of all types of patients. Therapists are allowed to develop specialties in medical surgical, burn, orthopedics, cardiac, neurological, and geriatric care. Rehabilitation therapists are respected team members providing patient centered care to expedite their recovery processes while working closely with physicians, residents, nurses, case managers, and social workers.

During a hospitalization for an acute illness or injury, patients may need help to become independent and safe in walking or stair climbing and performing their activities of daily living. At times, patients may need specialized splints or positioning to maximize motion and to prevent skin breakdown. Our rehabilitation therapists will help patients and their families meet their goals either while they are hospitalized or by making recommendations for therapy in the settings where their needs can best be met after discharge from our facility.

Kelly Floyd, MS, OTR/L, Manager
Amati Allsman, COTA Hazel Jordan, Tech
Andrea Antone, PT Kathy King, PTA
Sadie Baker, PT Bobby Knight, PT/CTL
Sherell Bean, PTA Joceyln Kuleck, OT/PRN
Kelsie Bigham, OT Jodie Lankford, Tech
Allison Blandford, PT Joy LaRosa, PT
Judy Booker, PT Jim Lassiter, OT
Sarah Brodie, OT Kendall Lewis, PT
Dom Bruzzese, OT Sally Lindsey, COTA
Taylor Campbell, OT Leslie McCabe, COTA
Kenneth Chessman, PTA Kensie McKee, PT
Sandra Clifton, PTA Scott McLaurin, OT/CTL
Katie Crouch, OT Cindy Montalbo, COTA
Ashley Day, OT Carrie Natte, COTA
Chelsie Dunn, PT/CC Lynette O'Brien, OT
Tiffany Fergason, PT Ashley Orth, PTA
Millenese Fluellen, PTA Sarah Pilcher, PT
Martha Fraley, Admin Cari Safford, OT
Paige Fusilier, OT Sandy Shelton, PT
Brooke Gentry, OT Clint Simplot, PT
Donnie Greene, Tech Jill Stewart, COTA
Matthew Guidry, PT Emily Sutinis, PT
Scott Hawes, PT Caleb Templeton, OT
Julie Hobson, PT/CTL Holly Thomas, OT
Elise Huehner, COTA Chris Turner, PTA
Jacklyn Humbard, PT Jamie Warner, PT
Buffy Hyman, OT Anita Wells, PTA
Mark Johnson, PT Marlee West, PT
Julia Jones, OT/CC Shane Wood, OT
Lisa Jones, PTA Brittany Work, OT

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