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Welcome to Vanderbilt University Medical Center's student webpage. Critical information that you will need to know can be found on this site. There are five (5) required items to complete and send to us eight (8) weeks before your start date or your clinical will be delayed or cancelled. These include: the student health screening form, copy of flu vaccination (only visiting students between October 1st and March 31st), the computer access/data form, confidentiality agreement form, copy of your proof of insurance and send School Liability Insurance form.  The required forms are under the appropriate links below. Please scan and email the forms to Robert Knight and Mark Johnson:

After you have been cleared to start your clinical, you will receive an email from Vanderbilt.  Please follow the instructions in this email carefully, it will guide you through setting up your computer access.  It is very important that you remember your PASSWORD and VUNET ID and have it the first day!  


Q: How do I get a clinical placement at Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital?
A: Contact Vanderbilt Stallworth directly, this website is for Vanderbilt Medical Center only.

Q: Where can I find information about my clinical placement?
A: Below are links to specific departments with all the information that you need.  Please read thoroughly prior to contacting us regarding questions, i.e. parking, dress code, time, place and whom to meet.

Q: What if I need housing during my clinical?

A: Please contact the CCCE/FE in your specific department and they will provide you with some helpful information.

Q: What do I wear? Where do I park? What time do I need to arrive? etc.

A: Answers are located in the "First Day Information" link below.

Q: What if I am looking to find a clinical placement at Vanderbilt?

A: Have your ACCE/Academic Fieldwork Coordinator contact Vanderbilt, we cannot make arrangements directly with students.

Click the link below which pertains to your upcoming clinical area to locate the five (5) required forms.

APTA Clinical Site Information Forms

AOTA Fieldwork Data Forms

CCCE/Fieldwork Coordinators for Vanderbilt:

Adult Acute Care OT:
Lynette O’Brien, OT
Pager: 615-835-7293

Holly Thomas, OTR/L


Pager: 615-835-1433

Adult Acute Care PT:
Julie Hobson


Pager: 615-835-8125


Robert Knight


Pager: 615-835-1115

Mark Johnson


Adult Outpatient Orthopaedics PT:
Jennifer Emery, PT
Phone: 615-343-7895

Adult Outpatient OT Hand Therapy:
Lisa Perrone, OTR, CHT
Phone: 615-343-9284

Bill Wilkerson Center – Pediatric Services:
Rebecca A. Jones, OTR
Phone: 615-322-2475

Children’s Hospital Pediatric OT:
Vicki Scala, MS, OTR/L
vicki.s.scala@Vanderbilt.Edu(best contact option)
Pager: 615-835-9695

Children’s Hospital Pediatric PT:
Laura Gish, PT

Phone: 615-343-6445
Pager: 615-835-7664

Pi Beta Phi Rehab Institute:
Cathey P. Norton, PT
Phone: 615-936-5059

Pi Beta Phi Rehab Institute
Hearing and Speech Sciences

Christina Barfield, OTR/L

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