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Welcome to Vanderbilt University Medical Center's student webpage. Critical information that you will need to know regarding your upcoming clinical affiliations can be found on this site. There are five (5) forms that you are required to fill out and fax to us eight (8) weeks before the start date of your clinical. These include: the student health screening form, the computer access information form, the student data form, the confidentiality agreement form and the "Do you have all your paperwork complete" form. We need to receive these forms at least 8 weeks prior to your clinical start date or your clinical will be delayed or cancelled. For the sake of patient safety, you will not be allowed to have any patient contact until these forms have been processed. The forms are under the appropriate links below and can be downloaded and printed out by you at home.  Please scan and email the forms to appropriate area, which you will access by clicking on links below.

After you have been cleared to start your clinical, you will receive an email from Vanderbilt.  Please follow the instructions in this email carefully, it will guide you through setting up your computer access.  BRING the user ID and password you set up with you on the first day, as you will need it the first day you start your clinical.  It is very important that you remember your PASSWORD and VUNET ID and have it the first day!  There is also some general information available to you regarding parking, dress code, and clinical objectives on this webpage. If you are looking for some housing options, please contact the clinical coordinator for your clinical and they can assist you further with this. We look forward to working with you on your clinical here at Vanderbilt. Thank you for choosing us to continue your education.


Q: What if I am looking to find a clinical placement at Vanderbilt?
A: Have your ACCE/Academic Fieldwork Coordinator contact Vanderbilt, we cannot make arrangements directly with students.

Q: How do I get a clinical placement at Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital?
A: Contact Vanderbilt Stallworth directly, this website is for Vanderbilt Medical Center only.

Q: Where can I find information about my clinical placement?
A: Below are links to specific departments with all the information that you need, SEE BELOW.  Please read thoroughly prior to contacting us regarding questions, i.e. parking, dress code, time, place and whom to meet.

Q: What if I need housing during my clinical?
A: Please contact the CCCE/FWE in your specific department and they will provide you with some helpful information.

Click the link below which pertains to your upcoming clinical area to locate the five (5) required forms, who to email forms to and general information.



APTA Clinical Site Information Forms

AOTA Fieldwork Data Forms



Student Volunteer Opportunity in Clinical Education Rotations While at Vanderbilt


CCCE/Fieldwork Coordinators for Vanderbilt:

Adult Acute Care OT:
Lynette O’Brien, OT
Pager: 615-835-7293

Adult Acute Care PT:
Whitney Ball, PT, DPT
(615) 835-4949 - pager

Adult Outpatient Orthopaedics PT:
Jimmy Gilmore, PT
Phone: 615-322-0100

Adult Outpatient OT Hand Therapy:
Lisa Perrone, OTR, CHT
Phone: 615-343-9284

Bill Wilkerson Center – Pediatric Services:
Rebecca W. Anderson, OTR
Phone: 615-322-2475

Children’s Hospital Pediatric OT:
Missy Bryan, OTR, ATP
melissa.g.bryan@vanderbilt.edu (best contact option)
Pager: 615-831-4215

Children’s Hospital Pediatric PT:
Laura Flynn, PT
Phone: 615-343-6445
Pager: 615-835-5155

Pi Beta Phi Rehab Institute:
Andrea J. Ondera, PT, DPT
Phone: 615-936-5048

Pi Beta Phi Rehab Institute
Hearing and Speech Sciences

Valery Hanks, OTR/L


2013 Student Assignments

Click links below for corresponding schedule


2014 Occupational Therapy Student Clinical Assignments:  Adult Acute Care

Dates School Clinical Instructor Student Name Location
1/6-3/28 Eastern KY Univ Jim Lassiter Emily Fintel Acute Care
1/6-2/28 NSCC Sally Lindsey Callie Smith Acute Care
1/6-2/28 NSCC Marilyn Matthews McKenzee Waters Acute Care
1/6-3/28 LSU Julie/Cari Taylor Campbell Acute Care
1/6-3/28 Univ of Southern IN Brittany Work Jordan Redman Acute Care
1/6-3/28 St Ambrose Katie Crouch Annie Noonan Acute Care
1/20-4/11 Belmont Lynette O'Brien Chandra Durham Acute Care
3/10-5/2 NSCC Samantha Miller Courtney Wall Acute Care
3/10-5/2 NSCC Carrie Natte Ryan Sullivan Acute Care
3/10/5/2 NSCC Jill Stewart Kelsey Scurlock Acute Care
3/31-6/20 Eastern KY University Shane Wood Kelsey Yarberry Acute Care
4/14-7/4 MUSC Sage Weaver Cortney Walker Acute Care
4/14-74 MUSC Heather Hesson Rebecca Patten Acute Care
5/12-8/1 Belmont Brooke Gentry Daniel Teague Acute Care
5/12-8/1 Belmont Julie/Cari Ali Groot Acute Care
5/19-8/8 OSU Jim Lassiter David Parsons Acute Care
6/30-9/19 Wash Univ St Louis Brittany Work Megan Peterson Acute Care
Aug-Nov Univ of Indianapolis Shane Wood   Acute Care
8/4-10/24 Univ of Florida Lynette O'Brien   Acute Care
8/25-11/14 Belmont Nicole Nogueras Claire Grecco Acute Care
8/25-11/14 Milligan     Acute Care
9/15-12/5 Univ of St Augustine Heather Hesson   Acute Care


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2014 Occupational Therapy Student Clinical Assignments: Bill Wilkerson

Dates School Clinical Instructor Student Name Location
1/6-3/28 Univ of Southern Indiana Rebecca Anderson Kelsey Shields VBWC
1/6-3/28 LSU Elizabeth Murillo Emily Daigle VBWC
3/10-3/14 Milligan Hayley Hinds   VBWC
6/2-8/22 TSU Hayley Hinds Dan Grider VBWC
Aug-Nov Milligan Lori Buck   VBWC

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2014 Occupational Therapy Student Clinical Assignments: Peds/Children's Hospital

Dates School Clinical Instructor Student Name Location
1/6-3/28 UTHSC Kendra Browder Alyssa Biggam Outpatient
1/6-328 Univ of Southern Indiana Missy Bryan Chelsea Jenkins Outpatient
3/31-6/20 LSU Shreveport Lindsey Ham Taylor Campbell Outpatient
4/7-6/27 Univ of Texas Med Center Sarah Wilson / Charlotte French Kelsey Hales Inpatient
6/2-8/22 TSU Heather Winters (w/Jennifer Pearson on Fridays) Tia Sneed Preschool
6/30-9/19 Wash U Kendra Browder Farah Moradi Outpatient
8/25-11/14 Belmont Tom Robertson Kara Larson Outpatient
8/25-11/14 Milligan College Heather Winters Rebecca Schmid Preschool
9/8-11/28 Univ of South Dakota Deborah Powers Sarah Jamison Outpatient
9/15-12/5 Texas Women's University Charlotte French Amanda Hall Inpatient

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2014 Occupational Therapy Student Clinical Assignments: Pi Beta Rehab

Dates School CI name Student name Location
1/6-3/28 Univ of TN Memphis Valery Hanks Lauren Hood PBPRI
2/3-4/25 Aeurbach Univ/Spalding Colin Bonfiglio Matt Bynum PBPRI
5/12-8/1 Belmont Christy Horner Tara Harper PBPRI
4/7-6/27 Rush University Valery Hanks Nicole Nesslar PBPRI
6/30-9/19 WASU Valery Hanks Margaret Glassman PBPRI
9/29-12/19 Tufts University Valery Hanks Amy Fleischer PBPRI


2014 Occupational Therapy Student Clinical Assignments :  Hand Therapy VOI/Franklin

Dates School Clinical Instructor Student Name Location
5/19-8/8 St Augustine Univ Peggy Haase Nicole Maxwell


8/25-11/14 Milligan Jennifer Farrar   VOI


2014 Occupational Therapy Student Clinical Assignments : Vanderbilt Bone & Joint/Franklin 

Dates School Clinical Instructor Student Name Location
1/6-3/28 UT Memphis Laura Davis Ashley Murphree VBJ
9/15-12/5 Univ of Florida Laura Davis   VBJ


2014 Physical Therapy Student Clinical Assignments:  Adult Acute Care

Dates School Clinical Instructor Student Name Location
1/2-2/26 South Alabama Mark Johnson Ashley Theobold VUH
1/6-2/28 Belmont Chelsie Dunn Leslie Husted VUH
1/13-3/6 Wisconsin-Madison Judy Booker Chelsea Gilbertson VUH
1/13-3/6 Northern Illinois Sadie Baker Jessica Stroup VUH
1/27-4/19 Duke Julie Hardy Kathryn Wright VUH
2/10-5/2 ETSU Whitney Ball Kendra Sigler Burns
2/17-3/21 Vol State PTA Lisa Jones Shelby Cedotal MCN
3/3-4/25 Belmont Andrea Antone Heather Huddleston VUH
3/10-5/2 TSU Dave Collins Chris Griffin VUH
3/10-5/8 Saint Louis Emily Sutinis Heather Crosby VUH
3/24-5/16 UT Memphis Sara Pilcher Bobby Russell VUH
3/24-5/16 Findlay Kelly Hoormann Julianne Drinnon VUH
3/31-5/2 Vol State PTA Lisa Jones Chelsea Dunning MCN
3/31-5/2 Vol State PTA Sherell Bean Chip Vantrease VUH
4/28-6/20 Belmont Judy Booker Meredith Stafford VUH
5/5-6/27 UTC Julie Hardy Tyler Pino VUH
5/26-6/18 Evansville Sadie Baker Kara Craig VUH
6/2-8/8 UK Trae Williams Jasilyn Flynn Burns
6/2-8/22 UMass-Lowell Mark Johnson Courtney Myers VUH
7/28-9/19 St Ambrose Chelsie Dunn Clinton Simplot VUH
8/11-10/17 Rosalind Franklin Andrea Antone   VUH
9/2-11/28 Northwestern Julie Hardy Ellen Jagielo VUH
9/8-12/12 Northeastern Kelly Hoormann Jaclyn Graff VUH
9/29-12/19 Wash Univ St Louis Emily Sutinis Trey Chelf VUH
1/26-4/17/2015 Duke TBD Elizabeth Buice VUH

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2014 Physical Therapy Student Clinical Assignments:  Children's Hospital

Dates School Clinical Instructor Student Name Location
1/6-2/28 Univ of Miss Med Center Donna Trotter / Ellen Shaw Brittany Whittington OHO
1/13-4/4 TWU Kelley Siegert Meagan Williams OHO/Acute
1/13-3/7 NIU Mandy D'Amout Kelly Hassen OHO
3/3-4/25 USA Amy Darrow / Betsy Codington Yan Goh Acute
3/10-5/7 UND Erin Wolfe Amanda Sodemann OHO
4/28-6/20 Belmont University Donna Trotter / Gena Henderson Jennifer Tong OHO
5/5-7/4 Grand Valley State Univ     OHO
5/19-7/25 Andrews Univ Laura Flynn Erika Mikkelsen OHO
6/2-8/8 Univ of KY Rachel Zoeller Brianna Robinson OHO
7/14-9/19 Maryville Mandy D'Amour Page Schumer OHO
7/28-10/17 USC Laura Gish Haylee Farrar OHO/Acute
8/27-11/19 Belmont Ellen Shaw Grace Cronin OHO/Acute
9/22-11/28 Drexel Shirley Gogliotti Carolyn Richon OHO
9/29-12/19 Wash U Ashley Schilling Natalie Berra OHO
10/20-12/13 AT Still Kelley Newman Britt MacArthur Acute

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2014 Physical Therapy Student Clinical Assignments: Dayani

Dates School Clinical Instructor Student Name Location
3/10-5/2 TSU Katie O'Hara Jocelyn Woodason Dayani
8/25-12/2 Belmont Julie Richard   Dayani

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2014 Physical Therapy Student Clinical Assignments:  Franklin

Dates School Clinical Instructor Student Name Location
1/6-4/22 Belmont (Mondays)   Ryan Salmon Cool Springs
1/13-4/12 Northwestern Amy Aston Lauren Snyder Cool Springs
1/17-3/22 Vol State Julie Holt Sarah Saussy Cool Springs
8/25-10/10 Texas Women's Elaine Weisberger   Cool Springs

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2014 Physical Therapy Student Clinical Assignments: Pi Beta Rehab

Dates School CI name Student name Location
1/6-3/5 Univ of North Dakota Andrea Ondera John Altnow Pi Beta Phi
3/3-4/25 Ohio Univ Lisa Haack Casey Passen Pi Beta Phi
4/28-6/20 Belmont (Neuro) Amy/Cathey Jonathan Lambert Pi Beta Phi
4/28-6/20 Belmont Penny Powers Brandon Grass Pi Beta Phi
6/16-8/8 UTC Chrissy Brittany Rock Pi Beta Phi
9/22-11/28 Drexel Univ Pat Flemming Nicole Tomaselli Pi Beta Phi

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2014 Physical Therapy Student Clinical Assignments:  VOI Outpatient

Dates School Clinical Instructor Student Name Location


St Louis Jake Landes Margaret Bingham VOI
3/10-5/2 U of Findlay Melinda Sandy Kayla Meeks VOI
4/28-6/21 Belmont Hung Do Kate Hein VOI
5/26-7/25 Univ of Iowa Indu Padmanabhan Sarah Waskow VOI
9/22-11/30 Maryville University Stacy Hummell   VOI
9/29-12/19 Washington University Katie Miebers Carlee Hill VOI

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