Resident Education Program in Thoracic Surgery

Educational Conferences

A number of regularly scheduled educational conferences are available within the Departments of Thoracic and Adult Cardiac Surgery, as well as the Division of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery. The Department of Thoracic Surgery also hosts Journal Club on a quarterly basis.

Several of our conferences also offer CME credits for attendance. A complete list of regularly scheduled series offering CME credits can be found on the Department of Continuing Medical Education website:  http://www.cme.vanderbilt.edu/cme_ongoing_RSS_n.php.

Adult Cardiac Surgery: Valve Conference

The Adult Cardiac Surgery Valve Conference is a weekly 1 hour conference that provides a comprehensive assessment of individuals with heart murmurs and other valve-related problems. Participants engage in discussion around a variety of topics including but not limited to strategies for evaluating patients with cardiac murmurs, the characteristics of specific valve lesions, indications and contraindications for surgery, newer methodologies for treating complex valve disease including hybrid approaches as well as the anticipated outcomes and potential complications of treatment.

Adult Cardiac Surgery Morbidity, Mortality & Improvement Conference (MM&I)

The Adult Cardiac Surgery MM&I Conference is held once per month on the 3rd Wednesday. This conference provides a venue to discuss and apply the principles of quality improvement. During this conference, participants identify the etiology of morbidity/mortality of adult cardiac surgical cases, and discuss acceptable therapeutic approaches in treating various cardiac surgery morbidity based on a review of literature.

Interventional Cardiology Conference

The Interventional Cardiology Conference is a weekly, 1 hour conference typically attended by general and interventional faculty & fellows as well as cardiac surgeons. Interested participants are welcome and non-interventional faculty frequently attend. Interesting and educational coronary, structural and peripheral interventional cases are discussed with a focus on technical aspects, decision-making, evidence based management with input from cardiac surgeons. Interventional fellows frequently prepare a brief, focused didactic presentation pertinent to the case being discussed.

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery: Catheterization/CT Surgery Conference

The Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization/CT Surgery Conference is a weekly 2 hour conference that provides a comprehensive assessment of individuals with congenital heart disease.  A wide variety of patients are presented including patients that have undergone recent catheterization, are scheduled for upcoming surgical intervention, are currently admitted as inpatients, and outpatients requiring clinical decisions.  The conference is attended by members from pediatric cardiology, pediatric cardiothoracic surgery, pediatric cardiac anesthesia, and pediatric critical care as well as members from many other divisions.  Video conferencing is used to link with outside referring cardiologists.  A clinical summary of each patient is presented followed by review of invasive and non-invasive evaluation including hemodynamic, angiographic, echocardiographic, and MRI data.  This is followed by an open discussion to review teaching points from the patient as well as to formulate an appropriate treatment plan.   This conference is open to and appropriate for anyone with an interest in congenital heart disease.

Thoracic Surgery: Esophageal Conference

The Thoracic Surgery Esophageal Conference is a bi-weekly, 1 hour, multidisciplinary conference of patient case studies. During this conference, participants discuss management of patients with complex esophageal diseases, therapeutic modalities for benign and malignant esophageal diseases, the correlation of clinical and other staging modalities with therapeutic options, and evaluation of long-term outcomes of specific operations and/or other treatment modalities in the management of benign and malignant esophageal disease.

Thoracic Surgery: Practice Management & Quality Improvement (PM&QI)

The Thoracic Surgery PM&QI conference is a weekly, 1 hour conference where participants are provided with an understanding of contemporary management of thoracic patients as well as an overview of the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment utilizing cases and medical literature. Participants are enabled to make more effective patient treatment decisions based upon the discussion during these conferences.

Thoracic Surgery: Resident Teaching Conference

The Thoracic Surgery Resident Teaching Conference is a weekly, 1 hour conference. Residents enrolled in the Thoracic Surgery residency program, as well as students and residents rotating on the Thoracic Surgery service are required to attend. The conference is moderated by a faculty member in either Thoracic, Adult Cardiac or Pediatric Cardiac Surgery; other faculty from these departments are invited to attend as well. Each week, participants review the assigned topic, taken from the TSDA Basic Curriculum.  This curriculum consists of an 88-week lesson plan that includes basic science, anatomy, physiology, imaging studies and non-clinical elements.   


 The current educational conference schecule can be found here: 2014-2015 Conference Schedule

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