Resident Education Program in Thoracic Surgery

At Program Conclusion

Our three year residency education program in thoracic surgery is under the auspices of the Residency Review Committee for Thoracic Surgery and the ACGME. Upon completion of this residency education program, residents will be eligible for the qualifying (written) examination; and the certifying (oral) examinations of the American Board of Thoracic Surgery.

At the conclusions of this residency education program in Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery, the successful resident will:

  • Have a thorough understanding of all components of cardiac and thoracic diseases including diagnostic, therapeutic, and management options.
  • Be able to develop a diagnostic and therapeutic plan for a wide spectrum of surgical diseases.
  • Have the medical knowledge, operative skills, judgment, and leadership to perform common adult cardiac, pediatric cardiac and thoracic surgical procedures with minimal supervision and be the operating surgeon on complex procedures assisted by the surgical attending.
  • Have organized staff conferences, as well as, departmental conferences as assigned.
  • Have learned how to mentor general surgery residents, thoracic surgery residents, medical students.
  • Critique personal practice outcomes and demonstrate recognition of the importance of lifelong learning in surgical practice).
  • Communicate effectively with other health care professionals, counsel and educate patients and families, and effectively document practice activities.
  • Maintain high standards of ethical behavior, demonstrate a commitment to continuity of patient care, and demonstrate sensitivity to age, gender and culture of patients and other health care professionals.
  • Practice high quality, cost effective patient care; demonstrate knowledge of risk-benefit analysis; and demonstrate an understanding of the role of different specialists and other health care professionals in overall patient management. 


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