Vanderbilt Resuscitation Program

Advanced Airway


Course Description:

·        This training includes oxygen administration, basic airway positioning, airway adjuncts, and patient management up until—but not including—endotracheal intubation. Skills practiced include head-tilt/chin-lift, jaw-thrust, oral airway measurement/insertion, nasal airway measurement/insertion and one- and two-rescuer bag-mask ventilation. 


·        Providers who do not hold a current ACLS, PALS, ATLS, or NRP provider card and need to meet the moderate sedation airway training requirement

Course Format:

·        Classroom based

·        Practice-while-watching video

·        One-rescuer respiratory arrest skills evaluation

Course Length:

·        Approximately 45 minutes

Completion Card & Contact Hours:

·        Completion certificate

·        No contact hours issued


·        Can typically be completed at the beginning or end of a BLS course or can be scheduled stand-alone if BLS is already completed

·        Please e-mail sarah.e.bishop@vanderbilt.edu or call 322-0285 to schedule.

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