Vanderbilt Resuscitation Program

AED Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are AEDs located on Vanderbilt’s Medical Center Campus?

A: Click here to view a list of all public access AEDs on Vanderbilt’s Medical Center Campus.

Q: Who can use an AED?

A: Any person trained in CPR and AED use can use an AED. Click here for training opportunities available to Vanderbilt employees.

Q: Who can I call if I have questions regarding AEDs in my work area?

A: Contact the Resuscitation Program at (615) 343-1385 or jeff.hileman@vanderbilt.edu.

Q: How do I order AED pads, batteries, or other accessories?

A: For clinics on the VUMC campus, contact Ed Beadles (ed.beadles@vanderbilt.edu). For offsite clinics, including 100 Oaks, contact Randy Herron (randy.herron@vanderbilt.edu). 

Q. How do I dispose of an expired AED battery?

A.  Lithium batteries need to be disposed of through the chemical waste collection program. You can fill out a collection requrest form here:  http://www.safety.vanderbilt.edu/waste/chemical-waste-collection.php .

Q: I ran out of AED Checklists. Where can I find a new one?

A: You can find the AED Checklist here.

Q: My AED is beeping! What now?

A: Replace the battery and contact Clinical Enginerring at (615) 322-3440.

Q: My AED has been used in an emergency event; what is my next course of action?

A: Replace the pads and call the Resuscitation Program at (615) 343-1385..

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