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How to Obtain a SecurID Token

In order to access StarChart from a remote location, such as your home, you must first obtain a SecurID Token. A SecurID Token is an electronic device that generates dynamic passwords which can be used instead of your regular StarChart password when accessing StarChart remotely. You will continue to use your regular password to access StarChart from the VUMC campus, but you will use your SecurID Token to generate a password whenever you wish to access StarChart from a remote site.

Please follow the procedures below to obtain your SecurID Token and User's Guide:

  1. Complete an online SecurID Token request. Contact your department Security Manager or Token manager to submit the request electronically.
  2. You must read and sign the VUMC Confidentiality Agreement if you have not done so. This agreement should be filed in your personnel records in your department..
  3. Timeline for processing a token request is generally 48 to 72 hours or less.
  4. You will be notified by email that your SecurID Token is ready to be picked up. To obtain your token you must bring a copy of the eProcurement confirmation email to the front desk of Eskind Biomedical Library. The location of the Eskind Biomedical Library is 2209 Garland Avenue.  If you need assistance with directions to Eskind Biomedical Library, please phone 936-1410 (6-1410).  For other questions, please phone the Help Desk at 343-HELP (3-4357).
  5. All tokens must be picked up within 2 weeks from the time the user is notified.  The department has been charged for purchase of the token which is nonrefundable.

Note: If you need to reassign, disable or re-enable an existing SecurID Token please contact  your department's  Security Manager, Token Manager or the Help Desk at 343-HELP.

Additional Resources:

  1. SecurID Users Guide
  2. Change SecurID PIN
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  4. VUMC Confidentiality Agreement
  5. SecurID Token Request Form



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