VUIT Identity Operations

Do you have a SecurID Token?

Please follow the instructions listed  in the User Guide.

SecurID Token User Information

SecurID Token User Guide   


  Table of contents:

1. Self-Service Console (Create and Change Pin, Test Token, and Report a Problem)
2. How to log into Starchart/Starpanel Remotely
3. What if I forget my PIN?
4. About RSA

How to set your PIN
Once you have received your SecurID token, you must first set your personalized PIN number before it will be valid. To set your PIN, access the Self-Service Console: https://vursaselfservice.mc.vanderbilt.edu/console-selfservice
To Log into the Security Console click Log on and enter your VuNet ID in the User ID Field
  •          Select OK
  •         Insert your E-Password into the Passcode Field
  •         Select Log On
 The My Self- Service Console Home page displays your profile and the SecurID Token issued to   you.
To Create a Pin:
  •         Click the create pin link
  •         Create New Pin - Your PIN must be between 4 and 8 characters long, contain only numeric             characters. You cannot re-use any of your last 10 PINs

  •         Confirm New Pin
You can also Change your PIN, Test your Token, and Report a problem with your token from the console.
Change your PIN
  •           Click on the Change PIN Link
  •           Enter your Current PIN Number
  •           Create New PIN Number - Your PIN must be between 4 and 8 characters long, contain onl         numeric characters.
  •      You cannot re-use any of your last 10 PINs.
  •         Confirm and Save your new PIN.
Note:  When creating or changing your PIN, make sure you are updating the PIN for the correct token.  Under the My SecurID Tokens section, use the scroll bar to view and check the serial numbers for any additional tokens you may have assigned to you.

Test your Token
You can test your token's performance after resetting your PIN to make sure its authenticating by clicking on the Test Your Token link.
  •         Enter your User ID: VuNet ID
  •         Enter your Passcode: Your passcode is your PIN followed by the code that is currently                 displayed on your token (the tokencode).
  •         Select Test
Results will appear as successful or failed. Any failed attempts should be reported to the Help Desk 615-343-4357.
Problem with Your Token
You can resolve most problems from your console by selecting The Report a problem with your token link.
Choose Option 1: I Forgot my PIN or Option 2: Other or not sure.
 Option 1: Allows you to change your PIN.
Option 2: Allows you to resynchronize your token by use of tokencodes.
  •        Verify that you can read the tokencodes on your token
  •         Enter the code displaying on the token
  •         Wait for the code to change, and then enter the new code

 All problems should be reported to the Help Desk at 615-343-4357.

 Logging in to StarChart with your SecurID token

To log in to StarChart with your SecurID token, access the URL listed below:


Enter your VUNet ID in this field.

  • Token: Enter your personal PIN number and the number displayed on your SecurID token in this field. (Note, you must enter the authentication number displayed on your token AND click submit before the authentication number changes).
  •  Click Submit

Recovering from a forgotten SecurID PIN
If you forget your PIN, call the VUMC Help Desk at 615-343-4357. After providing appropriate identification, your token will be reset to New Pin Mode. You will then be directed to the URL below where a new PIN can be established.  https://vursaselfservice.mc.vanderbilt.edu/console-selfservice/

General information about your SecurID token

RSA SecurID Key Fob (SD600)
Q. What do the small bars on the left of the token display represent?
A. The SecurID token generates a simple one-time authentication code that changes every 60 seconds. With each new authentication code displayed on the token, 6 new bars will appear on the left side of the display. Each bar represents 10 seconds. When there are no bars left on the display, the authentication code displayed will change within 5 seconds and the process will start over again.
Q. How long will my Token last?
A. The SecurID token is a completely disposable device and can be discarded once it reaches the end of its life cycle. The token will cease to present an authentication code after three years. SecurID tokens have a three-year life span. Actual life span may vary depending on when you receive your token.
Q. Do I have to change batteries?
A. There is no battery to replace in your token. After your token ceases to display, a new SecurID token must be purchased for remote StarChart authentication to continue.
Q. Is my token waterproof?
A. The SecurID Key Fob is a lightweight and "water-resistant" token that is well suited for a variety of environments beyond the corporate office. The SecurID token should never be completely submerged in water or left out in the elements but should not be harmed by an occasional exposure to moisture.
Q. What happens if I lose my token?
A. The SecurID token is useless without the 4-digit PIN. Lost tokens must be deactivated by completing and submitting the SecurID disable token form that can be accessed at the URL below. Tokens can also be disabled or reassigned by submitting the appropriate forms.

About RSA:

RSA SecurID. authenticators are the most popular strong authentication tools on the market, thanks to their reliability, ease of use and safety from destruction or reverse engineering. Much simpler-to-use than other strong authentication alternatives, the wide range of authenticator form factors offers solutions that fit the way your users need to work. RSA Corporate information is located at the following URL:


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