VUIT Identity Operations


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a RACF ID/User ID?
A. The RACF ID (Resource Access Control Facility Identifier) is used to access Clinical Workstations and issued by the Identity Operations team.

Q. What is a VUnet ID?
A. VUnet ID and your E-Password is issued by Information Technology Services (ITS), and used to access your workstation.

Q. How do you request Systems Access?
A. Only departmental security managers are authorized to request systems access for users at the following link: https://aida.mc.vanderbilt.edu/sam/UserQuery.aspx

Q. What is a SecurID Token?

A. A SecurID Token is an electronic device that generates dynamic passwords which can be used instead of your regular StarChart password when accessing StarChart remotely.

Q. How do you find a department Security Manager?
A. Contact the Help Desk at 343-4357 (343-HELP).

Q; What is a Security Letter?
A. A security letter is an electronically generated form listing the user's RACF ID and password to access clinical workstations. 

Q. How do you print a Security Letter?
A. Only Security Managers can print Security Letters using the following link:

Q. How do you appoint or remove a security manager?
A. The Security Manager's Appointment or Removal form may be found using the following links: Appointment Form: https://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/root/vumc.php?site=sam&doc=29653
Removal Form: https://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/root/vumc.php?site=sam&doc=29654

Q. How do you submit a VPIMS request?
A. The Identity Operations team does not manage the VPIMs application, please contact the Help Desk at 343-4357 (343-HELP).

Q. What is the difference between VPIMS and VORS?

A. VPIMS allows you to access the OR Scheduler (VORS) and the ORMIS reports (i.e. Gas Chart, PIC-StatusBoard, etc.) VPIMS Access is requested through the Help Desk at 343-4357 (343-HELP).

A. VORS allows you to only access the OR Scheduler and should be requested by the department's security manager.


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