Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

Student Health Requirements

Physical Activity Standards

Diagnostic medical sonographers must be able to perform a variety of physical movements in order to care for and manipulate patients and heavy equipment. Any student admitted to the Program must acknowledge his/her ability to carry out the following technical standards with or without reasonable accommodations:

  • Push, pull or lift 50 pounds routinely and more than 50 pounds occasionally
  • Bend, stoop, kneel, squat or sit and reach routinely
  • Adequately control imaging transducer and manipulate equipment weighing up to 500 pounds on wheels
  • Adequately visualize and perceive image data on computer and video monitors to acquire and interpret sonographic image data with color distinction
  • Sufficiently distinguish fine audible differences including Doppler signals, patient and co-worker communication and patient conditions such as respiration or movements
  • Fluently demonstrate English language skills to provide optimum communication with patient and healthcare team members
  • Follow verbal and written instructions to provide optimum care for patients


Intellectual and Emotional Standards

Diagnostic medical sonographers must also possess intellectual and emotional qualities that permit adequate care for patients and response to unexpected or emergent situations. Any student admitted into the program must acknowledge his/her ability to demonstrate the following qualities with or without reasonable accommodations:

  • Problem solve and interpret data in both routine and emergent situations
  • Empathy
  • Emotional stability and maturity
  • Courtesy and compassion to patients and their families, as well as co-workers
  • Adaptability and flexibility to clinical or didactic schedule changes
  • Follow protocols and organize sonographic examination data accurately to facilitate patient diagnosis
  • Maintain patient confidentiality

Immunizations and Health Records

Any student admitted into the Program must provide written documentation of the following:

  • Two (2) negative TB skin tests within the past 12 months with the most recent being within the past three (3) months. If history of a positive skin test is present, a chest x-ray within the past 6 months will be necessary.
  • If born on or after January 1, 1957:  two (2) live measles vaccinations after the 1st birthday at least one month apart OR MMR vaccination since 1989 OR laboratory evidence of immunity to rubeola.
  • Laboratory evidence of MMR vaccination or immunity to rubella
  • Laboratory evidence of MMR vaccination or immunity to mumps
  • Laboratory evidence of immunity to varicell (chickenpox) or immunization series
  • Hepatitis B immunization (series of 3 injections), immunization series in progress or informed refusal of immunization.
  • Annual influenza vaccination
  • Tetanus/Diptheria booster within the past 10 years is recommended, but not required.


Health Insurance

Each student enrolled in the Program must be covered by health insurance. The student MUST provide documentation of coverage by his/her choice of independent carrier.

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