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What is ComputerTALK??? 

ComputerTALK is a forum designed for all inpatient nursing staff.  This forum meets quarterly from 0715 to 0800.  Invitations are sent with meeting details to appropriate staff.  Topics are generally informatics related but over the years have included other system related issues that impact the entire medical center.  Guests from various departments attend to: 

  • Share Information
  • Obtain Information
  • Request assistance in problem solving

ComputerTALK has been meeting since 1995 and averages around 20-25 staff in attendance.

For more information, contact Systems Support Services at 6-6778.

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What is Nursing Informatics Advisory Committee???

Nursing Informatics meets the first and third Thursday of each month to review, approve or reject requests and suggestions from nursing staff regarding clinical applications.  The group originated to handle requests for enhancements to HED but the scope has expanded to include other clinical application requests.  The group is headed by a representative from Nursing Informatics, Sara Turcotte, and Nursing Leadership, Vickie Thompson.  All staff nurses are welcome to provide input and attend the meeting.

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