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Leadership Team:  Karen Hughart, Gwen Holder, Debi Camp, Barbara Meriweather

Administrative Team: Julie Shadburne

SSS Team: Blair Anderson, Nicole Callender,  Heather FreemanLisa GrunwaldMillicent Johnson Heather Knott, Julia LyleTom Mack, Spring Morse, Stephanie PhiloCindy Phipps Angela Swinger-Lockridge, Charlotte Tyree, Peggy Cunningham, Natasha Bronner





Karen 2015

Karen Hughart, RN, MSN

Director of Nursing Informatics 
and Systems Support Services

Contact Information:

 Phone:  615-260-1763



Karen has been with the department, now known as Systems Support Services (SSS) since it’s inception in 1992. The department started with one person (Karen!). SSS has grown significantly as we have implemented computerized processes across the organization. Prior to focusing on Informatics, Karen's clinical background was in Children's Hospital where she was a staff nurse, assistant manager, and then manager of Pediatric Medical, StepDown, and Myelosuppression Units. During her tenure in Systems Support, she has been an organizational leader, as well as the SSS departmental Director  with the implementation and ongoing support of Vcare, PCIS, Medipac -Patient Management, WIZ /HEO)- CPOE, StarPanel-EMR, PathworX, HED/AdminRx, and various smaller applications.


Gwen 2015


Gwen Holder, RN, MSN 

Assistant Director of Systems
Support Services

Contact Information:

 Phone:  615-521-6383

 Email:  gwen.holder@vanderbilt.edu


Gwen came to Vanderbilt in 1984 as a staff nurse and assistant manager of 9 South, a general surgery unit.  She was later named manager for the Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital and Director of Nursing for Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital.  Since transitioning to Systems Support 15 years ago, Gwen has led or participated in various initiatives including CPOE, StarPanel, PathworX, and Horizon Expert Documentation/Admin-Rx.  Her current areas of support include MLT, Chemo-Wiz and Preorders.



Debi 2915                                 

Debi Camp, RN, MSN 

Leadership Team

Contact Information:

 Phone:  615-936-6778

 Email:  debi.camp@vanderbilt.edu


Debi  came to VUMC in 1987 to do Renal research. She followed this with 15 years in inpatient Cardiology on 7N and CCU as a staff nurse, assistant manager and finally as Cardiology Educator for five years. Debi came to SSS 13 years ago to lead the implementation and development of StarPanel, OPOC, Quill and RxStar in the outpatient areas.  Debi transitioned to inpatient support and lead the implementation of HED. She was also a leader in the training and implementation of Admin-Rx.  As part of the leadership team Debi is responsible for developing support tools and resources for SSS to better help clinical staff including development of SS websites for staff and SSS On Call. She is liaison to the  Pegasus workgroups. Current work includes PPID - Lab Ready Labels, Ancillary dashboards and their updates, and CWS refresh.




julie shadburne

Julie Shadburne

Program Coordinator

Contact Information:

 Phone: 615-875-9666

 Email: julie.a.shadburne@Vanderbilt.Edu

Julie joined Vanderbilt University in fall of 2006. In fall of 2014, she joined the SSS team as Program Coordinator, Her responsibilities include planning/ developing programs and events, assessment of programs/events, and administrative support.





Spring 2015

Spring Morse, RN, BSN

Triage Call Team

 Contact Information: 

 Phone: 615-875-9747

 Email:  spring.morse@vanderbilt.edu

Spring began as a new graduate at Vanderbilt in the Myelosuppression Unit in 2001.  She was a staff nurse in the MICU from 2002 to 2010 where she was an active preceptor, relief charge nurse, and worked on the rapid response team.  She joined the SSS team in August of 2010. Spring is team leader for the Triage Call Team in Systems Support and liason to the Help Desk.



Julia 2015

Julia Lyle

Traige Call Team

Contact Information:

 Phone: 615-936-2982

 Email: julia.lyle@Vanderbilt.Edu

Julia began her nursing career with Vanderbilt as an infusion nurse at Rheumatology Cool Springs, in 2007. This role led to an opportunity for the Operations Systems Engineering department, formerly, Clinical Systems and Innovation team. She joined the team April 1, 2011.  Seeing the significant benefits of an electronic charting system, Julia quickly became an advocate and supporter of the electronic health record. After nearly three years of valuable outpatient support, as an Operations Systems Engineer, Julia joined the Core Clinical Applications Triage Call Team.  Julia is a 1987 graduate of the Nashville State Area Vocational Technical School of Practical Nursing.  She is currently furthering her education toward a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology.  When not at work, Julia enjoys being with her husband, children and, grandchildren.




Peggy Cunningham, RN, BSNPeggy 2015

CAPS: in orientation

Contact Information:

Email: peggy.cunningham@vanderbilt.edu



Peggy has a varied nursing history. She was a travel nurse for 5 years.  She also worked as a float nurse at Saint Thomas Hospital providing nursing support for 3 years to all 3 facilities.  She came to Vanderbilt in 2011 as a Clinical Staff Resource nurse, working as a MS/Step-down float pool nurse for 1 year. After that she worked in CTU/TOBS unit as a staff nurse and RSL . She joined the SSS team in 2015 with a primary focus on providing support as CAPS.



Lisa 2015

Lisa Grunwald, RN


Contact Information:

Phone:  615-875-9743

Email:  lisa.m.grunwald@vanderbilt.edu

Lisa begin working at Vanderbilt in 1991 in Labor and Delivery. While in L&D, she was instrumental in helping to create the OB HED flowsheet, StarForms for OB admissions, and the Delivery/OR record. She also helped in maintaining the QMI systems for monitoring mothers in labor and participated in a Fetal Surgery study. In July 2007, Lisa joined the SSS team in implementing Admin-Rx. Her primary focus now is CAPS for NICU, and Newborn Nursery and Acudose initiatives.




Heather K 2015

Heather Knott, RN, BSN

CAPS: VCH 6, 7 B/C, 8, 3A

Contact Information:

Phone: 615-875-9739

Email: heather.n.knott@vanderbilt.edu

Heather came to Systems Support Services from 7T3 where she worked with transplant services as a staff nurse and resource nurse. She started out on nights with Systems Support and now serves as CAPS in VCH for 8 A/B/C, 7 B/C, 6 A/B/C, 5 A/B/C and 3A.





Blair 2015

Blair Anderson, RN

CAPS: L&D, 4E, 7T3

Contact Information:


Email: blair.anderson@vanderbilt.edu

Blair transferred to the SSS team in October 2012 and is CAPS for Labor and Delivery, 4 East and 7th floor Critical Care Tower (7T3). She comes to us from Labor and Delivery at Vanderbilt where she worked for 5 years obtaining RN-4 and received her certification in Electronic Fetal Monitoring, prior to transfer to SSS. She will focus on the OB units and their specialized needs, Newborn Nursery, as well as the transplant nurses on 7T3. She also leads MR Taste (monthly Medical Receptionist meeting) Unit Board Chair. She is originally from Memphis and has been working as a nurse since 1996. She began her nursing career at Duke University Hospital after completing her Diploma in Nursing from Baptist School of Nursing.  




Nicole 2015

Nicole Callender, RN, BSN

CAPS: MCN, 10S, 11S

Contact Information:

Phone: 615-835-7909

Email: nicole.callender@vanderbilt.edu

Nicole joined VUMC Orthopaedics/Urology in 2004. She held various roles on that unit including Care Partner, Medical Receptionist, Nurse Extern, Registered Nurse 1/2/3, Relief Charge Nurse, and Assistant Manager for four years. Nicole served as a member of NLB, VPNPP Central Committee & Surgical PCC Board. She participated in Frontline Leader & S3 Programs to develop her leadership skills. Nicole joined the SSS team in October 2012. She supports all of the Round Wing units, 10S, and 11S in her CAPS role.




Heather 2015

Heather Freeman, RN

CAPS: VPH, Adult ED, Pediatric ED

Contact Information:

 Phone:  615-875-9738


Heather came to Vanderbilt in 1996 and worked as a staff nurse/charge nurse on 9South, with previous experience in Orthopedics. She assisted the SSS Team with Admin-Rx by serving as a super-user on units that were being implemented throughout VCH and VUH. Heather joined the SSS Team in 2008  full time and began working on nights. Currently, Heather is CAPS for Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital and the adult and pediatric ED. She has been instrumental in VPH transitioning to HED, Admin-Rx and making changes to their admissions process.





Tom Mack, RN, BSN 


Contact Information:

Phone:  615-875-9750

Email:  tom.mack@vanderbilt.edu

Tom began working as a Care Partner at Vanderbilt in 1998 on SICU. After becoming an RN, he continued to work in SICU for another year and then moved to MICU for the next six years. He functioned as a charge nurse, precepting orientees, and presenting at annual competencies. Tom joined the SSS team to help implement a component of Horizon Expert Documentation, AdminRx (medication documentation). Tom has been a project lead for the IPAD  pilot, Virtual CWS, and Smart Card (new ID badges), and IVT Dashboard and IVT Form. Tom's current focus is CAPS for MICU, 8N and 8S.




Stephanie 2015

Stephanie Philo, RN, MSN

CAPS: 5N, 5S, 6S, 7N, 10N 

Contact Information:

 Phone:  615-752-8020

 Email:  stephanie.philo@vanderbilt.edu

Stephanie came to Vanderbilt in 2001 as a staff nurse and later served as a charge nurse on 9 South.  She transferred to Systems Support Services in May 2010. In August 2010, she graduated with a MSN in Nursing Informatics.  She is certified in Nursing Informatics. Stephanie is the CAPS for 5N, 5S, 6S, 7N, COBS and Trauma.




Cindy Phipps, RN, BSN

CAPS: 9N, 9S, 9T3

Contact Information:

 Phone: 615-875-8631

 Email: cindy.phipps@Vanderbilt.Edu


Cindy began her nursing career at Vanderbilt in 1998 as a staff nurse on 8S. After three years on 8S, she transferred to the CCU, where she worked another three years. The unit was then relocated to 5N, where she served as change nurse for six years. In addition, Cindy has worked in the VUH Access Center as a transfer coordinator for several years, prior to joinging the SSS team in December of 2014. Cindy is CAPS for 9N, 9S, 9T3.


Natasha Bonner, RNNatasha 2015

Evening Support

contact Information:

Cell: 615-775-1058

Office: 615-875-9666

Email: natasha.l.bonner@vanderbilt.edu


Natasha came to VUMC in 2012 as a staff and resource nurse on 10S/7T3 where she worked with transplant services.  She came to Systems Support Services from MICU after several years to provide evening support throughout the hospital.




Millicent Johnson, RN, BSN

Night Support

Contact Information:

Phone: 615-875-9745

Email: millicent.l.johnson@vanderbilt.edu


Millicent has a varied nursing background and most recently worked with renal patients and renal transplant. She was a charge nurse before coming to Systems Support Services. She supports on night shift, rounding throughout the hospital.





Anna Kimbley, RN

Night Support

Contact Information:

Cell: 615-260-1087

Office: 615-936-4993

 Email: anna.k.kimbley@Vanderbilt.Edu

Anna came to Vanderbilt in 2007 as a Clinical Staffing Resource nurse.  She worked as a MS/Step-down  float pool nurse.  Anna also covered Liver Transplant, Eskind Diabetes and Urology clinics. Anna joined the SSS team in 2014 with a primary focus on providing support for the night shift.




Angie 2015

Angela Swinger-Lockridge, RN, BSN

Night Support

Contact Information:  


Cell: 615-260-1087

Office: 615-936-4993

Email:  angela.lockridge@vanderbilt.edu

Angie came to Vanderbilt in 1999 with 5yrs of elder care and rehab nursing experience. She spent a short time working on the Dialysis Unit. She then assisted with opening the first inpatient Non-teaching unit at Vanderbilt in MCN. Where she worked as staff nurse/charge nurse for 8yrs until joining the Colorectal surgical unit in 2008. Angie joined the SSS team in 2010 with a primary focus on providing support for the night shift.




Charlotte Tyree, RN

Weekend support

Contact Information:

 Office Phone: 615-936-4993

 Cell Phone: 615-681-1959

 Email: charlotte.l.tyree.vanderbilt.edu

Charlotte's clinical background is in Cardiovascular care, Emergency Department, and Telehealth. She has worked at Vanderbilt since 2002, starting on 7N Cardiac Step-down in 2002 where she worked until 2008. She worked with SSS 2008-2011 (June) and returned to SSS in 2012  Her primary focus is providing support for the weekend shifts.


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