SSS On-Call Manual




  • AcuDose Tips for On Call
  • How to Correct Patient Specific Drawer Access


  • Documenting Vaccines in Admin-Rx 
  • VCH Tip Sheet
  • VUH Tip Sheet


  • IT Service Management website
    • Pegasus (call, change requests)
    • Alarmpoint
    • VPN
  • Help Desk Direct Line Numbers
  • SM Mobile Sign-In
  • How to Get a Problem Resolved that No One Owns
  • How to Set a Vacation Replacement in Alarmpoint
  • How to Determine Appropriate Group to Forward a Ticket to
  • How to Find Out Who is On Call for Other Groups
  • How to Reassign Tickets to the StarPanel Team 10.12
  • TCT OSE Back-up Support 11.13

Care Organizer

  • Assignment Troubleshoot
  • Create Assignment
  • End Assignment



  • Covidien Traige Documentation


  • Request a PowerMic for Dragon


  • Downtime Banners and Messages
  • Downtime MARS - Where They Print 
  • Downtime Quick Reference
  • Fax:  Fax Template for SSS Housewide Fax Messages Sent during Downtime
  • Fax:  How to Send a Fax from Your Work Computer
  • Horizon Clinical Systems Trouble Shooting Table
  • Horizon Expert Documentation Downtime
  • Major Incident Phased Response
  • Telemetry Server Downtime 
  • Important Downtime Links:
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Emergency Preparedness
    • Critical Infrastructure Assessment Tool
    • Other DT Resources - located on SSS Education Webpage
    • HICS form 214 - use to document during a bridge call


  • Order Tracker
  • Deferring Admission Medications in Order Tracker
  • Documenting IV Start and Stop Times in ED Order Tracker
  • Viewing Orders Completed in the Emergency Department in StarPanel
  • Using the ED Expect Form
  • ED Discharge Application (in StarPanel)
  • Printing in the Emergency Departments
  • Viewing and Printing Adult ED Nursing Assessment Documentation
  • ED Documentation Details and Support Teams
  • Matrix of Dependencies of EDIS
  • EKGs Performed in Metro Ambulances
  • ED Transfer to VPH
  • Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital (VPH) Patient Transfer to VUH/VCH Inpatient Status through Emergency Department: Admitting Liaison Instructions
  • Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital (VPH) Patient Transfer to VUH/VCH Inpatient Status through Emergency Department: Nursing Instructions


  • Common Network Terms
  • CWS Print Tables
  • Education for Inpatient Whiteboard Acknowledgement of New Physician Orders
  • Determine CWS Usage History
  • How to Find the IP Address Technical Method 3.13
  • How to Resize CWS Screen Resolution
  • How to Set Inpatient Whiteboard Census to Training in StarPanel
  • Information to Remote into Training Room AWS's and CWS's 3.13
  • iPad Set Up and Virtualization Access
  • Location Implementation:  Quick Tips
  • Marty's Print Troubleshoot Steps
  • New Printer Set-Up
  • Print Table:  How to Set-Up Access
  • Print Sub-System
  • Steps to Prepare Tamper-Proof Printers
  • Tamper Resistant Printer Toner Information and eProcurement Instructions
  • Troubleshooting Lost Departmental Printer Settings on AWS Computers 1.14
  • Virtual CWS Training 8.12
  • Zebra Armband Trouble Guide


  • Change HED to Live, Train, or Test on an AWS,or Change TTY ID
  • DAS Missing
  • DAS Tips and Vents
  • DAS/Monitored Vital Signs
  • Data Print from HED/StarPanel
  • How to Change a TTY ID on a CWS
  • How to Search Active Patients<48h p DC
  • Troubleshooting IAEs 8.12


  • "@" Function in HEO/Wiz from STAT Screen
  • Anesthesiology Emergency Airway Consult
  • Blood Ordering VGR
  • EAEX, EPEX, and VUIT Locations in HEO/WIZ
  • EBM Specialists Clinical Service Coverage
  • Insulin Advisor SQ VUH
  • Orders Entered but Not Saved in HEO/Wiz Resulting in Duplicate Order Numbers
  • PeriOp HEO Order Printer Summary
  • Playback Steps for Class
  • Pre-Admission Medication List (PAML) Complaint Resources
  • PreOrders Guide for Providers
  • Print Sub-System
  • Registry Orders
  • Remove from Census
  • Scratch Census
  • Setting Up a New Consult Service


  • How to Admit a Patient in Medipac
  • How to Look Up Who is Making Changes in Medipac Using TSO
  • How to Perform an Appropriate Patient Search in Medipac
  • How to Set Up an Account in Medipac
  • Census Maintenance
  • Patient Registered Under Wrong MRN
  • PAV4 Transfer
  • PAV4 PPT
  • Transfer/Discharge/Depart
  • What is a Pre-Admit Account in Medipac


  • BOXI Instructions (adding users to Clinical Query Ref Business Objects reports)
  • Central Monitoring Units
  • EBM Specialists Clinical Service Coverage (ordersets)
  • E-Docs: How to Submit a Document for Approval
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Guidelines and Contact
  • "Go To" List By Areas of Expertise
  • How to Access VandyWorks to See Staff Schedules
  • How to Request an Outlook Plug-In for Accellion (For Secure Attachment in AWS)
  • How to Send a Secure Attachment in Email (FTA for CWS)
  • How to Troubleshoot Skylight TV (VUH Pilot)
  • How to Add SSS Events Mailbox and SSS Personal Calendar in Outlook
  • Locating Procedures Performed by a Provider
  • SSS Emergency Recall Phone Tree
  • Survey Monkey
  • Tab and CWS ID names by Unit
  • Unit Phone Numbers and CWS ID's - VCH
  • Unit Phone Numbers and CWS ID's - VUH
  • Vanderbilt Phone Prefixes


  • Electronic Submission of a Script
  • Integration Testing for RxStar
  • RxStar Print Service User Guide
  • Troubleshooting Access for a Provider in RxStar
  • Troubleshooting Mismatched Medications for a Provider in RxStar vs. StarPanel
  • VUMC Approved Printers for RxStar


  • Accessing a Provider's Tasklist
  • Admission History:
    • Nursing Admission History Policy
    • Entering Vaccine History on Immunization Record
  • Adding/Removing Alert Flags for the Patient Medical Record in StarPanel
  • Adding/Removing Items to the Actions Menu in StarPanel
  • Add URL Links to StarPanel
  • Adding Banners and Pop-Ups
    • Downtime Banners and Messages
    • Copying Files to the Etraining Server
    • Creating a Pop-Up in StarPanel
  • Adding Weblinks to Favorites in Inf Resources
  • Change from Final to Draft
  • Change Database and Move Document
  • Changing Database when Saving a Document
  • Change a Name/Role in StarPanel
  • Changing StarForm from Complete to Draft Status
  • Create a Message Basket in StarPanel
  • Electronic Cardiac Rhythm Strips Process
  • Find a Missing Document in StarPanel via Big Brother
  • How to Delete a Message Basket in StarPanel
  • Options to Send Messages to Providers Not in Your Message Basket Dropdown List
  • Panels - Creation, Access and More
  • Peds Message Baskets
  • Setting Up the Inpatient Whiteboard on L&D and 4MSC CWS's with Fetal Monitoring Screensavers
  • Troubleshooting Disappearing Panels
  • Upload Documents/Pictures in StarPanel
  • Using Data Dump to Export Data from StarPanel
  • VUMC Staff ED Data to Sequester

Systems Access 

  • Amanita Explained
  • Amanita Sign-On
  • Correcting Names and Titles in Various Applications
  • How to Add the New Clinical Remote Agent to Desktop
  • How to Reset Passwords for Training ID's
  • Process for Assisting Users with Systems Access Issues (Especially After Hours)
  • Provider Support Services/Credentialing Contacts MD and NP
  • Reset Password SSN
  • Star Account Manager Help
  • Systems Access Spreadsheet (who gets access to what)
  • Teletracker -- Troubleshooting Access
  • Verifying Provider has Correct Setup in Medipac and Amanita
  • Tips on Resetting VUnetID epassword 




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