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Our laboratory focuses on examining the developmental influences of dopamine and other biogenic amines on the formation and function of neural circuits mediating cognitive and emotional responses. We believe that dysregulation of these processes during critical periods of maturation contributes to the prodromal foundations of mental health and neurological disorders.

We use pharmacological, molecular, cell biological, and neuroanatomical methods to characterize pharmacological and genetic models of dysfunctions in dopamine signaling pathways. The goals of our work are to discover long-lasting neuroadaptations (and maladaptations) in neuronal signaling that result from disruption of normal neurotransmitter signaling and discover new therapeutics to use in the clinical treatment of brain disorders.  And to have fun while doing that.


New(ish) paper based on collaboration with our good friend and colleague - Dr. Aurelio Galli.  GLP-1 receptor agonists, already FDA-approved for treatment of diabetes, appear to reduce cocaine reward in an animal model!
Lab address:
Vanderbilt University
8405/8410 Medical Research Building IV
2213 Garland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37232


Cool new invited review on prenatal effects of drugs abuse co-authored by several labbies:

Trampoline Dodgeball FTW!

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