Service Training for Environmental Progress

STEP & You

Organizations, supervisors, and interns that meet these basic criteria generally provide a good match with the STEP program.

The sponsoring organization:

1.  Focuses on one or more environmental issue(s) affecting the well-being of the community.

2.  Has the administrative capacity to provide:

  • a professional, physical working space.
  • adequate management (see guidelines for intern supervisor below).
  • basic resources for the intern (access to phone, office supplies, etc.)

3.  Selects interns and serves people regardless of religious, political, racial, sexual, or ethnic affiliation.

4.  Has 501(c)3 non-profit status or is partnered with an agency that does.

The intern supervisor:

1.  Has the available time (no less than 5 hours/week), energy, and resources to meet the needs of the intern and the STEP program.

2.  Will invest time and energy into the work and endeavors of the selected intern to facilitate the achievement of their goals within the timeline.

3.  Will openly communicate with the intern and maintain positive interactions that are respectful and professional.

The selected intern:

1.  Has the time and energy to meet the objectives set by the intern and the sponsoring organization.

2.  Will openly communicate with the organization, supervisor, and STEP director.

3.  Show commitment to local organization and the issue(s) being addressed by:

  • working to achieve goals on work plan and timeline.
  • frequent communication with supervisor.
  • taking initiative by asking questions, seeking out information, and becoming knowledgeable with the subject matter.

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