Service Training for Environmental Progress

STEP Guidelines for Interns and Supervisors

Work Schedule and Stipend

The intern and supervisor should agree on a work schedule before the internship period starts.  Parties should agree on a schedule recognizing the need for flexibility.  All agreements should be documented and forwarded to the STEP director.

Payments to the intern will be through STEP and commence 2 weeks after receipt of signed agreements.  Monthly stipend checks will be mailed directly to the intern.  Interns will also be reimbursed for some transportation costs to and from Nashville for orientation purposes.

Setting Goals and Objectives

Objective setting is the main requirement for participation in the STEP internship program.  During the initial stage of the internship term, both the intern and supervisor should compile a list of goals and objectives along with a workplan and timeline.  Tips and sample forms are included in the handbook.

It is the responsibility of both the intern and the supervisor to share this documented plan with the STEP director.  A mid-term feedback form pertaining to the goals and objectives will be conducted at approximately the halfway point in the internship program (for example, week 5 in a 10-week program).


Interns and supervisors will complete final evaluations of the internship program.  Enclosed in the handbook are forms to facilitate this evaluation.  Evaluations should be signed, dated, and forwarded to the STEP director.

Supervision of Interns

It is important to remember that hte needs of interns may be different than those of the supervisors.  Some will need more structure and direction than first expected.  The supervisor should strive to be aware of these specific needs and provide the interns with proper guidance and direction.

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