Service Training for Environmental Progress

Partnership Agreement Between STEP and Sponsoring Agency

This agreement defines the responsibilities of the Vanderbilt University Center for Health Services( CHS) and the sponsoring agency.

The mission of the Service Training for Environmental Progress (STEP) Internship program is to respond to the demand of citizens who are acting on environmental issues by partnering with local community agencies.

The mission of the Center for Health Services (the umbrella organization of STEP) is to facilitate community-based solutions to problems that impact physical, social, political, and environmental health. 

The sponsoring agency agrees to:

1.  Embrace both the CHS and STEP missions of addressing the environmental health demands of local community members.

2.  Provide the STEP Director with a copy of the objectives and timeline for the internship work period.

3.  Submit a mid-term feedback form and final evaluation form to the STEP director.

4.  Support open communication with the intern and maintain positive interactions that are respectful and professional.

5.  Submit progress reports to STEP every other week and throughout the internship period.

6.  Use the STEP acronym and Community Shares logo on all published materials.

STEP and CHS agree to:

1.  Provide introductory training and orientation to STEP and CHS.

2.  Provide the intern with a monthly stipend check.

3.  Provide training, technical assistance, or resources throughout the internship period that are available through the CHS and Vanderbilt University.

4.  Assist with communication, as needed, between the supervisor and intern regarding issues pertaining to the internship workplan, objectives, and goals.

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