Innovation At VUMC

Defining Innovation

Changing perception of what is possible

Innovation is a new way of doing something. It changes perceptions about what is possible and offers dramatic improvement in value. Ideas are applied successfully in practice. Through creativity by individuals, we leverage VUMC.

Attributes of innovation:

  • Substantially different
  • Increases value
  • Involves risk and experimentation
  • Balances process & product change
  • Destructive effect
  • Has not been measured scientifically

VUMC’s system level of innovation focuses on identifying opportunities to increase the measurable quality, while increasing the number of individuals being helped and reducing the unit cost. An innovation project proposal has the potential to:

  • Dramatically improve health and health care
  • Dramatically decrease cost to VUMC and/or payers without adversely affecting patient care
  • Dramatically improve undergraduate, graduate and/or continuing medical education
  • Dramatically reduce the time to discovery
  • Grow Vanderbilt’s reputation as a trusted source

Through Innovation, the VUMC asks its leaders to:

  • Manage up the medical center’s commitment to innovation
  • Help teams understand how systematic improvement and innovation work together
  • Look for opportunities to participate in innovation proof of concept projects
    • Ask if it increases effectiveness and reach while decreasing cost per capita
    • Accept risk and use data to rapidly adapt
    • Keep it small until we get it right

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