Strategy and Innovation Office

Getting to the Innovation Center at 3401 West End

We recommend all faculty and staff ride the shuttle. Parking is first come, first serve in the building.

Campus Shuttle: The Purple Route stops at 3401 West End. Shuttles leave the round wing on the quarter-hour (0, 15, 30, 45) and travel 9 minutes to 3401 West End. Shuttles leave 3401 West End 6 minutes before the quarter-hour (9, 24, 39, 54) and travel 21 minutes to the round wing. Find detailed schedules online

Visitor parking: The parking garage located in the back of the building is open from 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Visitors may park on Level B, 3rd floor. Bring your parking ticket in to be validated.

Walking: Please also use the visitors’ entrance from the parking garage in the back of the building. You will enter on Level B, 3rd floor. The front entrance is not accessible to visitors.

Biking: Please lock your bike on the rack in the parking garage and use the visitors’ entrance. You will enter on Level B, 3rd floor. The building management does not allow bikes in the building.

Requesting our services

The Strategy and Innovation Office (S&I) team provides facilitative services that assist customers in achieving their strategic goals. These services range from ongoing support for short-term programs, to DesignShops® – time-boxed facilitated work sessions. The S&I office maintains the Innovation Center - a collaborative work space  - at 3401 West End Ste 290 to facilitate these services.

Requests for DesignShops or use of the Innovation Center should call 615-322-3118 or send an email to:

Marinea White (marinea.white@vanderbilt.edu)
 to include the following information:

  1. Lead or executive sponsor of the work.
  2. Objectives of the work – what you hope to accomplish.
  3. Services requested: facilitation, or only access to the collaborative space
  4. Estimated logistics: number of participants, potential # of ½ days, when you may want this session to happen.

Requests are reviewed and approved by the medical center's Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Once approved, a prescribed set of services will be provided to the SponsorTeam.  

Our team

Carol Aronson
Administrative Officer

Herschel Pollard, MSIS

Judy Privett
Executive Assistant

Scheduling for William Stead, Nancy Lorenzi, and
Kristy Sinfkield

Karen Davis
Senior Executive Secretary

Kristy Sinkfield, MEd

Marinea White
Program Manager
Responsible for the Innovation Center
at 3401 West End Ave.

Megan Youngblood

Nancy Lorenzi, PhD
Vice President for
Strategic Change Management

Steven J. Weissenburger, MEd
Project Manager

William W. Stead, MD
Chief Strategy Officer

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