Division of Surgical Oncology & Endocrine Surgery


The Division has an extensive basic research program that emphasizes molecular biology and conducts department-sponsored and federally sponsored research in several areas. The basic science research programs of each faculty member are as follows:

  • R. Daniel Beauchamp, MD:
    TGF-beta and Ras signaling in colon cancer, mouse models of colon cancer.
  • Mark C. Kelley, MD:
    Dendritic cell immunotherapy for melanoma, growth factor signaling and molecular targeted therapy for melanoma.
  • A. Scott Pearson, MD:
    Regulation of cell adhesion and tight junctions in colon carcinogenesis.
  • Nipun Merchant, MD:
    EGF signaling in colon cancer, molecular targeted therapy for colon cancer.
  • Ingrid Meszoely, MD:
    DPC4 replacement gene therapy in pancreatic cancer.
  • James T. Broome, MD:
    Intra-operative identification of thyroid and parathyroid tissue using optical fluorescence; surgical techniques in treatment of adrenal cortical carcinoma.
  • Ana Grau, MD:
    TGF-beta and Ras signaling in breast cancer.
  • Eric H. Liu, MD:
    Islet transplantation and imaging of the beta cell for diagnosis and treatment of diabetes; immunology and transplantation.

Each faculty member is also involved in a wide variety of clinical and translational research projects, some of which are conducted as a part of our SPORE grants in GI and breast cancer. There are also a wide variety of projects in all areas of basic cancer biology which are being conducted by faculty members in other clinical and basic science departments.

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