Division of Surgical Oncology & Endocrine Surgery

Expert Q & A

Drs. Liu and Oberg answer questions on the latest treatments for neuroendocrine disease.

Renowned endocrine tumor expert Kjell Oberg of Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden, discusses the latest cutting edge treatments for neuroendocrine cancer with Vanderbilt's Neuroendocrine Center Director, Eric Liu, M.D.

What are your thoughts on Centers of Excellence?
What are your thoughts on Centers of Excellence? What surveillance/follow-up protocol
do you recommend for resected but lymph
node positive bronchial carcinoid?
What treatment options do you recommend for metastatic bronchial carcinoid? Would you recommend adjuvant therapy
for bronchial carcinoid?
What are the emerging therapies for metastatic midgut carcinoid? What are your thoughts on resecting the primary in patients with metastatic
What is your experience with long-term Sandostatin for tumor suppression? What are the most advanced imaging techniques?
How is symptom control incorporated
into the patient's care plan?
What role does surgery have in the treatment of neuroendocrine tumors?
What do you see on the horizon for the treatment of NET's? Quality of Life… the Story of the Pen


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