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Neuroendocrine Nordic Knowledge Exchange Symposium      

April 17 & 18, 2012
Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, Tenn.

The world’s leading authorities in Neuroendocrine Cancer in April met at Vanderbilt, one of only three medical institutions in the U.S., in a unique knowledge exchange program to discuss the future of neuroendocrine diagnoses and treatment.

Hosted by Dr. Eric Liu, director of the Vanderbilt Neuroendocrine Center, the symposium gathered together 23 of the world’s top experts, including Dr. Kjell Oberg, M.D., of Sweden, often known as the father of neuroendocrine treatment. Last fall, Oberg was named an adjunct professor of Surgery at Vanderbilt.

Participants in the symposium recognize that the “incidence” of this neuroendocrine cancer has been misleadingly noted as low because of previously poor diagnostic tools. With stark improvements in this area just in the past five years, they expect rates to rise dramatically and are to plan for this eventuality.

Future Events

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