The Section of Surgical Sciences

Department & Division Contacts

Section Chairman
Dr. R. Daniel Beauchamp, Chairman
Asst. to Chair: Ms. Khristina Prince, 2-2363
Exec. Sec.: Ms. Kathy Taylor, 2-2363
D-4316 MCN (2730) 

Department of Cardiac Surgery
Dr. Michael Petracek, Interim Chairman
Administrative Officer: Ms. Alyssa Brake, 6-8223
Asst. to Chair: Ms. Joan Lorber, 3-7363
5209 MCE (8802)

Division of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Dr. David P. Bichell, Chief
Administrative Officer: Patrick Moss
Sr. Exec. Sec.: Ms. Sharon Barker, 6-5500
5247 DOT (9292)

Department of Surgery
Dr. Naji N. Abumrad, Chairman
Administrative Officer: Vacant, 3-7441
D-4314 MCN (2736) 

Division of General Surgery
Dr. Michael Holzman, Chief
Administrative Mgr: Ms. Martina Hailey, 2-2343
D-5203 MCN (2577)

Division of Hepatobiliary Surgery & Liver Transplantation
Dr. John Kelly Wright, Jr., Chief
Office Mgr: Ms. Claudia Medlin, 6-0440
801 Oxford House (4753)

Division of Kidney & Pancreas Transplantation
Dr. David Shaffer, Chief
Office Mgr: Ms. Beverly Brown, 6-0404
912 Oxford House (4750)

Division of Surgical Oncology & Endocrine Surgery
Dr. Mark Kelley, Chief
Office Mgr: Mr. Kent Bliss, 2-2391
597 PRB (6860)

Division of Trauma & Surgical Critical Care
Dr. Rick Miller, Chief
Office Mgr: Ms. Dee Mewbourne, 6-0143
404 MAB (1750)

Division of Vascular Surgery
Dr. Thomas C. Naslund, Chief
Office Mgr: Ms. Martina Hailey, 2-2343
D-5237 MCN (2735)

Department of Neurological Surgery
Dr. Reid C. Thompson, Chairman
Administrative Officer: Mr. Coleman Harris, 3-8900
Asst. to Chair: Ms.Cheryl Page, 2-6638
T-4224 MCN (2380)

Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr. Sam McKenna, Chairman
Sr. Exec. Sec. to Chair: Ms. Deborah Trewyn, 3-9404
1623 TVC (5225)

Division of Dentistry
Chief - T.B.A. 
Office:  3-9404
3300 Village at Vanderbilt (8224)

Division of Orthodontics
Dr. Marion L. Messersmith, Chief
Educ. Spec: Ms. Peggy Wilson, 3-0633
3400 Village at Vanderbilt (8224)

Department of Pediatric Surgery
Dr. Dai H. Chung, M.D., Chairman
Administrative Officer: Ms. Cathy Carney, 6-1050
l4150 Doctor's Office Tower (9780)

Department of Plastic Surgery
Dr. R. Bruce Shack, Chairman
Administrative Officer: Mr. Bob Bryan 6-0160
Exec. Sec. to Chair: Ms. Sally Kaplan, 6-0169
D-4207 MCN (2345) 

Department of Thoracic Surgery
Dr. Joe B. Putnam, Chairman
Administrative Officer: Mr. Patrick Moss, 3-5639
Asst. to Chair: Ms. Vera Phelan, 3-9202
609 OH (4682)

Department of Urologic Surgery
Dr. Joseph A. Smith, Jr., Chairman
Administrative Officer: Ms. Kathy Dieterich, 2-2142; 3-9942
Asst. to Chair: Ms. Debbi Cannon, 3-0234
A-1302 MCN (2765)

Division of Pediatric Urology
Dr. John W. Brock, III, Chief
Administrative Officer: Ms. Kathy Dieterich, 2-2142; 3-9942
Office Mgr.: Ms. Debbi Cannon, 3-0234
Exec. Sec. to Chair: Ms. Deborah Glidden, 6-2228
4102 DOT (9820)

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