The Section of Surgical Sciences


Vanderbilt University Medical Center
D-4303 Medical Center North
Nashville, TN 37232
Phone: 615-322-2366
Fax: 615-343-5365

Administration and Staff Contacts

Section Chairman
Dr. R. Daniel Beauchamp, Chairman
Dr. Naji N. Abumrad, Chairman, Dept. of Surgery
Ms. Khristina Prince, Asst. to Chair: 2-2363
Ms. Kathy Taylor, Admin. Asst.: 2-2363
D-4314 MCN (2730)

Ms. Elizabeth (Bess) Wildman; Chief Business Officer; Chief of Finance and Administration
Ms. Khristina Prince, Asst. to Chair: 2-2363
Ms. Kathy Taylor, Admin. Asst.: 2-2363
D-4303 MCN (2736)

Executive Support
Ms. Khristina Prince, Asst. to Chair, Section of Surgical Sci.: 2-2363
D-4314 MCN (2730)

Educational Support
Ms. Stephanie Rowe Burnham, Residency Coordinator: 3-6642
Ms. Margaret Genendlis, Department Education Assistant
CCC-4312 MCN (2730)

Ms. Nichole Perkins, Medical Student Clerkship
and Dr. Kyla Terhune's Assistant
Department of Education Assistant: 5-3008
D-4303 MCN (2730)

Financial Support
Mr. Joe Ennis, Assistant Director: 2-7528
D-4308 MCN (2736)

Media Support
Ms. Deborah Doyle, Media Services Coordinator: 2-7048
CCC-4316 MCN (2736)

Networking Support
Mr. Eric Howard, Asst. Director, IT: 3-8906
Mr. Sam Warren, Sr. LAN Mgr.
Mr. Paul Lang, LAN Mgr 
CCC-4317 MCN (2736)

Personnel Support
Mrs. Chereta Brigman, Admin. Officer: 2-8250
D-4206 MCN

Clinical Support
Ms. Carolyn Watts, MSN, RN, CWON, Clinical Nurse Specialist: 2-7836
T-4321 MCN (2730)

Surgical Research
Mr. Phil Williams, Director, Div. of Surgical Research: Assoc. Prof.: 2-2096
Ms.Christy Nichols, Administrative Officer, Surgical Research: 2-4842
Ms. Christy Hinkle, Admin. Asst.
Ms. Dianne Mason, Accounting Asst.
CC-2306 MCN (2730)