Nakagawa Laboratory


Principal Investigator

Terunaga Nakagawa MD PhD


Research Assistant

Elena I Zaika

Cryo-EM facility manager (Center for Structural Biology)

Mariena Silvestry, PhD

CSB Cryo-EM website

Past members


Tomohiko Maruo, PhD (current position: Assistant Proffesor, Kobe University School of Medicine, JAPAN)

Koustav Maity, PhD 

Graduate Students

Natalie F. Shanks (UCSD Neuroscience)

Anthony N. Farina(UCSD Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Visiting Scientists

Toshiharu Sano (Summer student from University of Tokyo, School of Medicine)

Samantha Splangler (Summer student from Erasmus Medical Center, The Netherlands)

Charlotte Coles (Visiting Postdoc from Oxrofd University, UK)



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