Nakagawa Laboratory

Joining the lab

The following positions (postdoc and graduate student) are available (Updated in Dec 2012)
One Postdoctoral position available
We are seeking for a postdoctoral scholar who are highly motivated, creative and skilled in one or two of the following experimental areas:
1. Biochemist (experience in protein and/or RNA purification from tissues)
2. Electron microscopist (experience in cryo-EM and digital image processing)
3. Molecular and Cell biologist
4. Electrophysiologist
Salary support from your own postdoctoral fellowship is not mandatory but is highly recommended. Having a fellowship is recognized as a strong demonstration of independence within the scope of our laboratory’s mission. We have strong preference to those who have obtained their PhD (or MD) degree in recent years.
Potential projects include:
a. Structural determination of macromolecules in the synaptic membrane (such as the ionoropic glutamate receptor complexes) using single particle electron microscopy and cryo-EM.
b. Molecular, cellular, and electrophysiological analyses of novel iGluR complexes.
c. Molecular mechanism of iGluR modulation using combination of biophysics and structural biology.
d. Molecular and cell biological analyses of novel non-coding RNA isolated from neuronal membranes.
e. Reconstitution of structure and activity of synaptic macromolecular complexes in lipid nanodiscs.
f. Quantitative correlative analyses of global neuronal morphology and localization of intracellular organelles using image processing of light microscopy data.
Projects not listed above will also be considered based on the applicants experience and creativity. Please describe your area of interest in your application.
Graduate student positions available
We are interested in students who have solid prior research experience during undergraduate training.
Please send (or email) application and CV with a list of three references to:
Terunaga Nakagawa
Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics,
Center for Structural Biology
Vanderbilt University, School of Medicine,
Robinson Research Building 766B,
Nashville, TN, 37232

Email: terunaga.nakagawa_at_vanderbilt.edu




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