Department of Thoracic Surgery

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Vicki Gann, Administrative Assistant
Department of Thoracic Surgery
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
609 Oxford House
1313 21st Ave South
Nashville, TN 37232-4682

(615) 322-0064
ph:   (615) 322-0248
fax:  (615) 936-7003
Email: vicki.m.gann@vanderbilt.edu

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Vanderbilt Thoracic Surgeons

The Department of Thoracic Surgery provides a patient-centered environment for patient care, clinical and basic research, education, and prevention of thoracic diseases. The faculty has nationally and internationally recognized expertise in simple and complex thoracic conditions.

The thoracic team is complemented by other disciplines with additional medical expertise, including pulmonary medicine, medical oncology, radiation oncology, critical care, and gastroenterology. Our surgeons are committed to define a patient centered diagnostic and therapeutic strategy using the vast institutional resources at Vanderbilt.


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