Department of Thoracic Surgery


The Central Garage is the most convenient parking facility for Vanderbilt Clinic patients and families. When you park at the Central Garage, walk from the garage on the 2nd level across the crosswalk into the The Vanderbilt Clinic on the second floor. Take the elevator to the first floor, and look for signs reading "Thoracic Surgery Clinic" (Suite 1710). If problems or questions arise, please do not hesitate to call our receptionist at (615) 322-0064. Covered walkways connect all of the garages to the hospital and clinic.

Patients requiring assistance can be dropped off at the entrances to The Vanderbilt Clinic. Uniformed greeters at both the hospital and clinic entrances provide assistance with wheelchairs and luggage. Valet Parking is also available to patients and visitors at the entrances to The Vanderbilt Clinic.

Parking for hospital or clinic patients and visitors is available in:

The Vanderbilt University Hospital Garage across the street from The Vanderbilt Hospital on 22nd Avenue

The Central Garage across from The Vanderbilt Clinic entrance on 22nd Avenue;

The South Garage across from the Cancer Center on Children's Way.

For more parking information: Medical Center Patient & Visitor Parking Options

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