Translational Pathology Shared Resource


Comparative Pathology
Phone: 615.322.3667
Room: MCN S1310

Human Tissue Acquisition
Phone: 615.343.3274
Room: TVC 4902

Phone: 615.322.3667
Room: MCN S1310

Research Histology
Phone: 615.322.3667
Room: MCN S1310



Process & Embed, Cut, Stain with H&E $6.95
Cut, Stain with H&E $4.50
Slide Retrieval $2.70
Block Retrieval $2.70
Process & Embed $2.45
Sectioning - unstained paraffin slides $1.80
Sectioning-for molecular testing (per 5 micron) $1.80
Sectioning - unstained frozen slides $4.00
H&E Stain $2.70
Control Slides $2.00
Special Stains $9.50
IHC Development* $250.00
IHC Stains $25.00
1/2 day training $150.00
LCM (per hour)  No charge
TMA Construction Consult TPSR
Identified Tissue Procurement $35.00
De-Identified Tissue Procurement $20.00

* If the Investigator has a working protocol and provides positive and negative controls,

the charge will be $25/slide stained.

Customers outside of VUMC should contact TPSR-Research_Histology@vanderbilt.edu for pricing.

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