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Grant Awards

Ongoing Research Support


Aldrich (PI)



Unraveling Genetic Determinants of Lung Cancer Risk in African Americans

The goal of this research is to determine the role of smoking and genetics on Lung cancer risk in African Americans for the purpose of targeting primary and secondary interventions.  

VA –Career Development Award 2
Grogan (PI)

Tennessee Valley Healthcare System, Nashville, TN
The goal of this project is to build a model to predict patients with nodules who do not have cancer and reduce unnecessary operations.

Department of Defense: Lung Cancer Research Program
Early Investigator Synergistic Award
Grogan and Aldrich (Dual PI award)

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Title: Prognosis of Lung Cancer: Heredity or Environment
Role: PI

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) – R03 
Grogan (PI)

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Regional Variation of FDG-PET Scans to diagnose lung cancer
Role: PI
Vanderbilt Clinical and Translational Research Scholars Award
K12 Career Development Award
Aldrich (PI)

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville TN
The goal of this project is to identify genetic and environmental variants contributing to lung cancer risk among African Americans.

NIH/NCI Lung SPORE Career Development Award
Carbone (PI)

P50 CA090949
Identifying Pleiotropic Genetic Determinants of Metformin Response and Lung Cancer                     The goal of this project is to identify genetic variants contributing to metformin response and lung cancer risk and survival.

Southern Community Cohort Study

5R01 CA092447 09                                                                                                                                Bill Blot (PI)
Aldrich (Co-Investigator)
The purpose of this grant is to develop a prospective cohort study of African-Americans and a control
group of non African-Americans to examine the effect of race and its interaction with other risk factors for the incidence of cancer, the process of care for cancer and the outcomes from cancer.

Completed Research Support
NCI SPORE in Lung Cancer pilot project
Grogan (PI)

5P50 CA 90949 (Pilot grant)
Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center
Dr. Grogan worked with Ron Walker, MD and Pierre Massion to evaluate the usefulness of a somatostatin analog to more accurately image lung cancer. This pilot project evaluated the feasibility to label this compound with a small amount of radioactive material that can be used to localize the nodule at the time of surgery. This will allow a minimally invasive approach to be used for the early diagnosis of lung cancer

Vanderbilt Physician Scientist Development
Grogan (PI)

(VPSD) Program
Dr. Grogan worked with Pierre Massion, MD, the Department of Thoracic Surgery, and the Division of Epidemiology in the Institute of Medicine and Public Health to identify populations of surgical patients with pulmonary nodules who will benefit from additional serum testing. The goal of this work is to improve the diagnostic accuracy of the preoperative workup and reduce risky and costly diagnostic operations in patients who have benign disease. This work resulted in 2 submitted manuscripts and 2 presentations at national meetings.

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