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  1. Grogan EL, Jones DR, Kozower BD, Daniel TM, Identification of Small Lung Nodules-Technique of Radiotracer Guided Thoracoscopic Biopsy. Annals of Thoracic Surgery. 2008 Feb; 85: S772-S777.PMID: 18222215
  2. Grogan EL, Stuckenborg GJ, Nagji, AS, Simmons W, Kozower BD, Jones DR, Daniel, TM. Radiotracer-Guided Thoracoscopic Resection (RGTR) is a Cost-effective Technique for the Evaluation of Sub-centimeter Pulmonary Nodules. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 2008 Sep; 86: 934-940. PMID: 18721586
  3. Grogan EL, Jones DR. VATS / Robotic is better than open approaches in thoracic surgery: What is the evidence for short term outcomes. Thoracic Surgery Clinics 2008;18:249-258. PMID 18831499
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