Department of Urologic Surgery

Research & Clinical Trials

Drs. Robert Matusik, Simon Hayward, Neil Bhowmick, and Peter Clark direct basic research within the Department of Urologic Surgery.  There is specific focus on the development of targeted gene therapy for prostate cancer, further definition of probasin and specific promotors for prostate cancer, and development and maintenance of transgenic mouse models. Researchers in the Department of Urologic Surgery work closely with those in the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center and other basic science collaborators both at Vanderbilt and at institutions around the world. The goal is the development of new treatment methodologies with direct translation to patient care.

In addition the physicians of the Vanderbilt Department of Urologic Surgery are actively involved in a variety of clinical and surgical trials that are helping to drive the field forward.  Through this research we are working to identify the treatment and management decisions that will provide our patients with the most favorable outcomes possible as well as maximize their quality of life.

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