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Every day something special happens at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  But as big as we are, it’s easy to miss-out on those special events even with all the publications, posters, and emails that bombard your in-box.

NURSE ALERTS! are email announcements, but you choose your topics!  NURSE ALERTS! will inform you of new information posted on www.VanderbiltNursing.com and information specifically for Vanderbilt Nurses.

NURSE ALERTS! will not take the place of your usual emails or other VUMC communications, but will stand out because it’s information requested by you!

Through NURSE ALERTS! you will be included on email distribution lists that you didn't even know existed!

NURSE ALERTS! is a communication tool only for VUMC Staff (both patient-care and non-patient care) who are interested in VUMC nursing topics that include:
  •  Nursing Diversity
  •  Magnet
  •  Nurse Wellness
  •  Nurses' Week
  •  Nursing Education and Development/Continuing Education Events
  •  Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice
  •  Preceptor Treasures
  •  Shared Governance
  •  Vanderbilt Professional Nurse Practice Program (VPNPP)
  •  VUMC Nursing News:  Marilyn Dubree's Monthly Newsletter, In the Know(s)

By signing up for NURSE ALERTS!, you will also get occasional emails that are general announcements with information that ALL VUMC Nurses should know.

There is no schedule or frequency to the number of NURSE ALERTS! you’ll receive.  You’ll receive NURSE ALERTS! in the categories you choose when there is a need to highlight special events and information specific to all VUMC nurses.

Don't be left out!

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Contact Us re: NURSE ALERTS!

Do you have information to share that you'd like posted as a NURSE ALERT! or have questions regarding NURSE ALERTS!?  

Please contact:
Sherri Stringfellow 
Art Director/Web Manager: www.VanderbiltNursing.com 
Nursing Education and Professional Development
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

For all VUMC nursing-related events, check the VUMC Nursing Calendar.


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