Vanderbilt Nursing

Be the Best, Keep the Best

Beginning in 2003, task forces were convened to focus on specific areas identified from satisfaction surveys as key to improving overall nursing retention and recruitment.  In order to easily communicate the work of these groups, we adopted the slogan; “Be the Best - Keep the Best” and the work was targeted to four priorities:

  • Select the right people
  • Foster growth
  • Quality of work life
  • Create the culture

Over the years, the work of these task forces has evolved based on satisfaction data and current trends.  Annual evaluation and goal setting ensures that our work remains current.  Our eight groups include:

Clinical Workforce Committee
Ensures staff resources are deployed properly by providing consistent, safe, quality care, which meets the highest clinical standards.  Current projects include focusing on flexible shifts and tracking basic life support certification.

Diversity Committee
Helps develop and implement VUMC's nursing’s diversity initiatives including:  cultivating an inclusive culture that respects and values uniqueness at all levels of nursing and to build a reputation of inclusiveness and fairness.  Ongoing diversity initiatives include promotional materials, cultural sensitivity workshops, a nursing diversity toolkit, and active participation with the Metro Nashville Public Schools’ Health Partnership Council.  Visit the Nursing Diversity Website.

First Two Years Retention and Recruitment Committee
Focuses on recruiting, selecting, orienting and retaining top quality nurses. It has driven many changes to the orientation of new nurses and the orientation processes of experienced nurses, preceptor development and peer interviewing.

Leader Development Committee
Identifies and implements strategies that support excellence in clinical practice and customer service, enhancements in the work environment, promoting professional and personal development, and fostering a workplace of participation and collaboration.  It makes recommendations around the span of control for managers and works to define specific  performance behaviors related to job description and evaluation scoring.  It has also designed a leadership pathway for staff nurses in partnership with the Professional Development Committee.

Maturing Workforce Committee
Focuses on creating a workplace that values and respects the contributions and expertise of the maturing worker, seeks to identify the unique needs of our aging population in all aspects of work within the patient care environment, and encourages opportunities to strengthen the organizational commitment to and the retention of a maturing workforce.  Visit the Maturing and Retired Nurses Website

Nurse Wellness Committee
Focuses on all facets of Nurse Wellness, and is currently sponsoring programs for the maturing workforce and for cultural enrichment.  They have also organized a Nurse Wellness fair for VUMC staff.  Members of the committee partner with VUPD and others to take periodic walks from buildings to parking lots and garages in order to assess safety for staff.  Visit the Nurse Wellness Website

Shared Governance
This committee’s goal is to foster a dynamic staff-leader partnership that promotes collaboration, shared decisionmaking and accountability for improving the quality of patient care, safety, and enhancing work-life balance.  Recently, it has enhanced and expanded unit and clinic boards and restructured and supported four active nursing staff councils.  Visit the Shared Governance Website

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