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Adult Emergency Department

 Emily McBride

Welcome to Vanderbilt!

I’m Emily McBride, MSN, RN, the manager of the Adult Emergency Department (ED), located in Vanderbilt University Hospital.

Vanderbilt serves as  a Level One trauma center, Stroke Center, and Chest Pain Center, and the majority of these patients begin their care in the ED. The Emergency Department welcomes patients from all regions with a wide variety of illnesses. Our nurses must have a broad knowledge base on various disease processes, treatments and procedures in order to provide excellent care to our patients.

Emily McBride, MSN, RN
Adult Emergency Department
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Unit Highlights:


Focus of Care Patient Demographic Number of Beds           Certifications of Our Nursing Staff
Emergency Medicine Adults (18 and older) 45
  • BLS certification
  • ACLS certification
  • PALS certification
  • TNCC certification
  • CEN certification

About Us:

Our department specializes in providing emergency-level treatment to all patients.  We are recognized as Centers of Excellence in Trauma, Stroke, Heart Failure, and Cardiology.  Our focus is on patient and family-centered care.  We strive to provide timely and efficient evaluation, treatment and disposition of our patients.

A typical shift for our nurses includes participating in a team shift report prior to receiving their primary assignment.  Our nurses encounter a diverse patient population every day, with assignments ranging from the acute and critically ill to non-acute and fast track patients.  Other assignments include trauma and triage.  Our department utilizes a team approach to perform primary nursing with the assistance of care partners and paramedics.

We pride ourselves on our team-based approach to providing quality, safe, comprehensive, and excellent care.


Awards and Recognitions:

  • Professional Research Consultant's (PRC) 5 Star Award, recognizing performance in the top 10th percentile in the national database for Quality of Care: 2007 - 2010.
  • The “People’s Choice” Award at Ye Olde Magnet Faire in October, 2010 for creativity in displaying the Magnet Forces at the department’s booth; featuring our Maggie Magnet roving ambassador.
  • 2010 Emergency Medicine Excellence Award from HealthGrades.com
  • 2007 PRC National Excellence in Healthcare GOLD Achievement Award Winner
  • TEAM TRIAGE: Teamwork and Overall Quality
  • Team Triage, among 100 initial innovations, highlighted by AHRQ Innovations Exchange Program.


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