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I’m Aaron Hirsch, BSN, RN, and I am the interim manager of the Urologic Surgery unit located on 9 South of Vanderbilt University Hospital.

To work in the Urologic Surgery unit, our nurses need to have a broad range of knowledge and experience in order to address the clinical and educational needs of our patients and their families.


Aaron Hirsch, BSN, RN
Interim Manager
Urologic Surgery
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Unit Highlights:


Focus of Care Patient Demographic Number of Beds           Certifications of Our Nursing Staff
Adult General Surgery Adults 24
  • BLS certification
  • EOR certification

About Us:

Our unit specializes in providing individualized care to adult patients from over a dozen different surgical specialty services, including patients who have undergone transplants, thyroidectomies, plastic surgeries, and tracheostomies.  We help prepare patients for surgery and continue that care throughout their second or third postoperative day when they are discharged.

Our patient focus is to educate patients about caring for themselves beyond their hospital stay.  Each patient has unique physical, social, and educational needs.  Our nurses utilize numerous resources to ensure each patient receives the appropriate education for living on their own.

A typical shift for our nurses includes an average of 10 admissions and discharges a day while working in close collaboration with our physicians and nurse practitioners to provide excellent care to our patients and to keep us operating at the highest standards.

The General Surgery unit offers a variety of educational opportunities to both new and experienced nurses to enhance their skill base.

Key Staff:

Interim Manager:

Nurse Educator:

Administrative Assistant:

Aaron Hirsch, BSN, RN

Martha White, MSN, APRN, BC

Debbie Lamberth

Recruitment Information:

Click to ApplyIf you are interested in applying to General Surgery, please visit Work at Vanderbilt to see if there are currently any open positions.

                 Try using these keywords as searches to locate a position in the General Surgery unit:
                 general surgery, liver transplant, tracheostomy
Nurse Residency ProgramThis unit/area is a part of the Nurse Residency Program.
If you are a new grad, please visit our Nurse Residency Program section for more information.


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