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Oncology and
Adults (18 and older) 27
  • Staff members are eligible to  sit for the Oncology  Certification exam after one  year.

About Us
Our unit specializes in stem cell transplants and malignant hematology.  Our patient focus is on family-centered patient care and maintaining the patient’s quality of life.

A typical shift for our nurses includes caring for patients with the assistance of a care partner; administering chemotherapy and blood products; and educating patients on disease and treatment options.  We are dedicated to providing a fulfilling and high energy work environment.  Our nurses and care partners have a unique perspective on compassion and a strong belief in the enormous potential of cancer survivorship.

Our multidisciplinary team follows the span of our patients' lives through their physicality, frailties, suffering and successes while promoting wellness and self-care.
Due to prolonged inpatient stays, our team strives to create an environment that benefits patients, families, and staff through local charities, volunteers, and staff and management-lead committees.  We continually work to improve and grow, championing all involved to continue to provide the best in cancer care.
Awards and Recognitions:
• Nurse Residency Program - Best Nursing Team Award for the Acute Care Medicine Track
• Our Patient Satisfaction scores are in the top 10% nationally.



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