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ANCC Success Pays Program for VUMC Staff

Vanderbilt University Medical Center registered nurses will now be able to receive a hospital code that will be provided for payment of the certification exam fee for ANCC Nursing Certification Exams.

For a list of the certification exams with the ANCC, click here.

If the exam you are wanting to take is not listed, that certification is offered through an organization other than ANCC.  We are investigating pre-payment options for select other certifications.  For questions about this, please email nursingeducation@vanderbilt.edu.

Here are the steps to the process of becoming a certified nurse:

  • Meet the requirements for reimbursement for VUMC staff as outlined in policy CL 20-06.04* (* = login required)
  • Meet the requirements for taking the certification exam as outlined according to certification type that can be found on the ANCC website. (such as hours worked in specialty area, continuing education, and others)
  • Complete application and collect all requirements for desired certification
  • Send email with “Certification Hospital Code” in the subject line
    o Please indicate which certification you are applying for in the body of the email
    o Send to the following email address:  nursingeducation@vanderbilt.edu
     Once received, certification type will be verified per the ANCC list and a hospital code will be sent to the requestor
  • When completing the application at the check-out page, staff will enter the hospital code and click “apply promo.”  This will adjust the price to zero dollars and will allow the applicant to check-out.
  • Once the ANCC receives the application, the ANCC will verify that the applicant is eligible to use the hospital code and has met all of the requirements to take the certification exam.
  • ANCC will then send the applicant notification of eligibility and instructions for setting up a testing date.

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