Vascular Access Safety Committee

Vascular Access Safety Committee

Vascular Access Safety Committee

What is the Vascular Access Safety Committee?

The Vanderbilt Vascular Access Safety Committee is a sub-committee of the Patient Safety Commitee.


n      A multidisciplinary team responsible for reviewing Vanderbilt's approach to vascular access in a variety of settings.

n      Focus on patient safety as an essential in vascular access.

n      Responsible for review of devices, infection control statistics, policies, consistency of practice, unusual occurrences.

Specific Objectives of the Vanderbilt Vascular Access Safety Committee

n      Provide consultation to practitioners for vascular access related problems

n      Development, oversight and monitoring of all institutional policies and practices governing the insertion, maintenance, removal, and complications related to vascular access.

n      Overseeing practitioner adherence to vascular access related policies.

n      Utilization of computerized database for continuous collection, analysis, and reporting of data regarding catheter utilization and complications.

n      Providing education and consultation regarding vascular access practice and problems.

n      Placement of all vascular access and oversight of insertion practices.

n      Evaluation of new and existing vascular access devices and vascular access related products and technology.

n      Design, implementation, analysis and publication / presentation of local and industry funded related research.


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