Vanderbilt Corporate Health Services - Workers' Compensation Division

The Workers' Compensation Division Team

Our Workers' Compensation Division Team members are focused on creating an environment in which insurance adjustors, case managers, and employers (and their employees) can easily access Vanderbilt physicians for their workers' comp needs.

We will be happy to work with you in any way we can to make that process easier.

Roy DeHart, M.D., Medical Consultant  roy.dehart@vanderbilt.edu   Link to biographical info

Terry Parker, RN, CCM Administrative Director   terry.parker@vanderbilt.edu

Ramon Brown, Workers' Compensation Assistant   ramon.e.brown@vanderbilt.edu

Judy Cannon,  Workers' Compensation Assistant    judy.cannon@vanderbilt.edu

Deborah Hall, Workers' Compensation Assistant  deborah.hall@vanderbilt.edu

Catherine Harris, Workers' Compensation Assistant  catherine.harris@vanderbilt.edu

Tammie Mathis, Workers' Compensation Assistant   tammie.mathis@vanderbilt.edu

Faith Parrish, RN, CCM, Education Coordinator  faith.parrish@vanderbilt.edu

Laura Roberson, RN, CCM, Workers'  Compensation Coordinator, laura.j.roberson@vanderbilt.edu

Delores Shaw, Workers' Compensation Assistant   delores.shaw@vanderbilt.edu

Jeanene Spindler, RN, CCM, LNCC, Utilization Review Coordinator  jeanene.spindler@vanderbilt.edu

Fran Sweatt, Senior Worker's Comp Assistant   fran.sweatt@vanderbilt.edu