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Bryan Venters, PhD

Assistant Professor




746 Robinson Research
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(615) 322-4761




Research Papers

Venters, BJ and Pugh, BF. (2015) Genomic organization of human transcription initiation complexes.  PLOS ONE.  In revision.
Venters, BJ, Wachi, S, Mavrich, TN, Andersen, BE, Jena, P, Sinnamon, AJ, Jain, P, Rolleri, NS, Jiang, C, Hemeryck-Walsh, C, and Pugh, BF. (2011) A Comprehensive Genomic Binding Map of Gene and Chromatin Regulatory Proteins in Saccharomyces.  Molecular Cell. 41, 480-492.
o   This was a featured article in Molecular Cell.
Venters, BJ, Irvin, JD, Gramlich, P, and Pugh, BF. (2011) Genome-wide transcriptional dependence on conserved regions of Mot1.  Molecular and Cellular Biology.  31, 2253-2261. 
Venters, BJ and Pugh, BF. (2009) A canonical promoter organization of the transcription machinery and its regulators in the Saccharomyces genome. Genome Research. 19, 360-371.
Mavrich, TN, Jiang, C, Ioshikhes, IP, Li X, Venters, BJ, Zanton, SJ, Tomsho, LP, Qi, J, Glaser, RL, Schuster, SC, Gilmour, DS, Albert, I, and Pugh, BF. (2008) Nucleosome organization in the Drosophila genome. Nature. 453, 358-362.
Mavrich, TN, Ioshikhes, IP, Venters, BJ, Jiang, C, Tomsho, LP, Qi, J, Schuster, SC, Albert, I, Pugh, BF. (2008) Barrier nucleosomes statistically phase nucleosomes throughout the yeast genome. Genome Research.  18, 1073-1083.
Lee, C, Li, X, Hechmer, A, Eisen, M, Biggin, MD, Venters, BJ, Jiang, C, Li, J, Pugh, BF, and Gilmour, DS. (2008) NELF and GAGA factor are linked to promoter proximal pausing at many genes in Drosophila. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 28, 3290-3300.
Yao, H, Li, P, Venters, BJ, Zheng, S, Thompson, PR, Pugh, BF, and Wang, Y. (2008) Histone Arg modifications and p53 regulate the expression of OKL38, a mediator of apoptosis. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 283, 20060-20068.
Cheng, L, Naumann, TA, Horswill, AR, Hong, S, Venters, BJ, Tomsho, JW, Benkovic, SJ, and Keiler, KC. (2007) Discovery of antibacterial cyclic peptides that inhibit the ClpXP protease. Protein Science. 16, 1-8.
PMID: 17600141     pdf reprint
Lessner, FH, Venters, BJ, and Keiler, KC. (2006) A proteolytic adaptor for tmRNA-tagged proteins from α–proteobacteria. Journal of Bacteriology. 189, 272-275.
PMID: 17085560     pdf reprint
Patil, MA, Pierce, ML, Phillips, AL, Venters, BJ, and Essenberg, M. (2006) Identification of genes up-regulated in bacterial-blight-resistant upland cotton in response to inoculation with Xanthamonas campestris pv. malvacearum. Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology. 67, 319-335.
     pdf reprint

Reviews and Editorials

Venters, BJ. (2009Nature. Postdoc editorial series.
Life's bitter-sweet symphony (v457, p752)
Cyclical science (v458, p112)
Kidding around (v458, p791)
A cajun-style meeting (v459, p285)
Personal peer review (v459, p877)
Expect the unexpected (v460, p295)
Failure to communicate (v460, p1047)
Lab trips foster collegiality (v461, p553)
The many hats of science (v461, p1307)
Sharing ideas and data (v462, p529)
Venters, BJ and Pugh, BF. (2009) How genes are transcribed. Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 44, 117-141.
Venters, BJ and Pugh, BF. (2007) Chromatin meets RNA polymerase II. Genome Biology. 8, 319.