The Vanderbilt HealthTech Laboratory

Vanderbilt HealthTech Laboratory


The Vanderbilt HealthTech Laboratory (VHTL) was established in 2007 as a novel Vanderbilt Medical Center initiative.  Its mission is to foster the transformation of healthcare delivery through the continuous discovery, testing, and licensing of disruptive, cutting-edge technologies to improve patient centeredness, quality, and productivity.

The Laboratory works closely with the faculty and researchers of Vanderbilt Medical Center and the larger Vanderbilt University community to sponsor and manage research, jointly develop grant applications and create innovative technological solutions to the problem of fixing our broken healthcare system.

Areas of Interest

The premise of the Laboratory's work is that the healthcare system requires a systemic transformation to achieve a quantum leap in productivity and quality. 

The Laboratory has identified four primary areas of interest.

HealthSphere Connection

Focus: Enable the effective connection of individuals and their support community to their community of care

Goal: Create a “continuous care” environment aimed at individuals and families at all stages of life and in all health conditions

Amplify Clinical Decision Making

Focus: Build powerful tools for clinical practitioners to dramatically increase quality of care, effectiveness and efficiency by bringing clinically relevant information to the point of care in real time

Goal: Manage the information ‘tsunami’ from personalized medicine while dramatically increasing clinical efficiency and effectiveness and facilitating optimal care

Re-envision the Clinical Process

Focus: Re-engineer the overall clinical process

Goal: Create and support a new clinical process (driven primarily by customized, individual care plans) that is integral to an optimal healthcare system

Empower A Healthcare Services Marketplace

Focus: Create technologies and processes to enable transparent access to competitive healthcare services for the consumer

Goal: Use the concept of brokering and care-plan based healthcare practice to enable competition, reduce direct costs and eliminate or drastically reduce the large number of transactions within the current healthcare system

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