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Apple, Troy

Laboratory animal and comparative medicine

Boyd, Kelli

Pathology of genetically engineered mice, infectious disease in animal models, cell cycle regulation and cell death mechanisms, embryonic and placental development in mice

Chen, Patty

Rodent procedures

Kokoye, Yasin

Veterinary medicine, laboratory animal medicine

Paramastri, Yasmina

Animal models of human disease

Salleng, Ken

Pathology of laboratory animals, infectious diseases, unique laboratory animal species and environmental enrichment for laboratory animals

Wallace, Jeanne

Administration of animal research resources; post-graduate training of veterinarians in laboratory animal and comparative medicine; collaborative research involving animal models of human disease

Yu, Erin

Animal models of human disease

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Back row from left to right:

Drs. Yasin Kokoye, Ken Salleng, Jeanne Wallace, Troy Apple;

Front row from left to right: Drs. Erin Yu, Kelli Boyd, Yasmina Paramastri 


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